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    AH:ing professions

    Have anyone bought mats only from AH to level up enchanting and blacksmith lately? How much does it cost? Also, I read about that if you boost your character, you get profession boosted too? If so, can i already do that on a level 90 to get the professions up? i haven't preordered yet, so i thought it might be worth it
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    I usually farm them myself, not to mention my guilds banks has hundreds of stacks of all crafting mats so no one has to buy anything to level professions.

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    Enchanting, at least on Proodmore, is debilitation expensive unless one chooses to really hit the AH afterwards. I'm sitting at Cata on both Tailoring and Enchanting and if I chose to buy dust rather than farm cloth, we'd be looking at at least 5k to hit Pandaren enchanting. That's assuming there was even enough dust on the AH to do it.
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    I normally just announce in trade that I am selling materials in bulk
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    To answer your second question. No, you cant use the boost on an existing 90
    For the prof boost to work the toon has to be above 60 but below 90. And of course have the prof you want already chosen

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    Enchanting, at least on Proodmore, is debilitation expensive unless one chooses to really hit the AH afterwards.
    There was one great time to power level enchanting(On Proudmoore at least), and that was as ToT hit. I forget exactly how much it cost...on a limb I'm going to say it was like 20k, but Haunting spirits were going for like 8-10k, so all it took was 3 bonus rolled useless gear to make a profit off of it.

    It was definitely more than 15k to powerlevel enchanting, but less than 30k. I don't remember the exact amount.

    Also someone said in the original thread you asked that you cannot boost a level 90 just for the professions.
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    I have bought some, but mostly I just farm them on my 90's

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    It will depend on your server.

    Between now and expansion prices will be at their lowest.

    The key is to pick and choose over time as you ather the mats needed. Use a leveling guide then keep looking to see if you can farm your own, use gb and then look at ah over a period of a few weeks. Buy mats only when they are cheap. If you exhaust the ah and buy all at once the price inflates, buy bit by bit over time and you will pay much less. If the ah is too expensive, then go and farm its not hard.

    Profession kits are by their nature for people who cant be bothered with the hassle and are sitting on piles of gold.

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