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    Think I ruined GW2 for myself

    Casual player, very casual player. Hardly play, just logged back onto GW2 first time in months yesterday, received birthday email etc on my highest toon, a Thief level 53.
    Noticed I was still in my old guild, speaking to them but realised they were all in a weird location and then found out they had all moved server. Asked about that, they encouraged me to transfer to the new server with them and told me about price, I was not fond of that so they said only other way was to delete my character and do it that way.
    As I had received a free level 20 boost in the birthday email, and I have never truly liked thieves in GW2 they are too squishy for my kinda gameplay as I am a run in blazing 'rambo' person, I always thought a warrior would suit me better so I deleted my Thief and made the Warrior on new server, boosted it to 20.

    Regret it already, It had taken me ages (A full year infact of on&off playing) to reach 53, and I had just deleted all that progress to start again on a fresh level 20. Bad idea! I have mailed the team asking could they possibly restore my account back so I get my Thief back but not getting my hopes up. Even asked them if possible could they maybe swap my 53 Thief for a 53 Warrior, but at least just try and get me back my 53 Thief if not.

    Oooo heres hoping ey! :-(

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    *impatiently refreshing mailbox*

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    Not familiar with GW2 - So I am curious, why did you have to delete the Thief?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrStiglit View Post
    Not familiar with GW2 - So I am curious, why did you have to delete the Thief?
    Can only have characters on one server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrStiglit View Post
    Not familiar with GW2 - So I am curious, why did you have to delete the Thief?
    GW2 is a bit different than WoW in regards of playing on a different server. If you want to play on a different server (such as re-rolling a completely fresh toon in WoW) it's not possible unless you delete all of your characters on your original server first, OR pay to transfer... yep. :/
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    Thanks for filling me in. Just seems crazy to me..

    Hopefully they are able/willing to do something for ya.

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    Could ask your friends to maybe hand out some gold so you can craft your way to the top. Chef and Artificing are fairly cheap and i think it's 7 levels per maxed profession.

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    Roll with your guild for a couple of nights and you'll get to 80 in an instant. We managed to get 2 of our members to 80 within a week. One was a completely new player and the other one had never made a character higher than level 18.
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    MMO-Champion is not a blog or tumblr. Closing this thread.

    Sorry about your loss, OP. However this is not really a discussion topic.

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