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    Yes but I have many amazing mounts which count as a flying and a ground mount.

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    Yes, I'll miss them, but it's nothing to worry about. At least I'll have more time to explore nooks and crannies of Alternate Draenor. The new screenshots look great, so I can't wait to go to those zones!
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    Nope won't be missing them for 1 patch. I like the idea of questing/exploring around on my ground mount.

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    The maps are just way too big for the Speed of ground Mounts.
    If those were faster i had no Problem, but going from Speed 310 to 100 is hilarious for the distances you have to travel.

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    Finally got my Frostwyrm mount from ICC (shame it took so long. I had that meta achieve nearly complete DURING ICC but got lazy aftwarwards XD). I'll miss it but I will also enjoy giving my 4 (and in some cases 2...or wheeled) legged friends some attention again.
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    I'm wondering, since inevitably there will be a raiding meta achievement for the first raid tier, will the flying mount it rewards be even worth it, seeing as how you may not be able to ride it for several months (if they don't make it a scaling ground/flying mount)?

    Anyways, I'll miss riding mine. I sunk a lot of hours into farming for all of them (I have 134 mounts), and I'll be sad that I'm unable to use my favorite ones (Corrupted Firehawk, Cloud Serpents, Netherdrakes, etc.). I guess I'll end up just using my new Dread Raven for some time. What will piss me off the most though is the inevitable "Ordos Charger"-type mobs they'll scatter around for the sheer purpose of being extremely obnoxious. That and the increased daze chance they ninja-placed in Mists will be the bane of my love for exploration.

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    No, actually I'm happy to use my ground mounts more often! I really like them and get to use them rarely (besides on the isle or while leveling). I can't decide which one to use, though
    It's good to leave the winged ones at my very own new stable and put the saddle back on my beloved hawkstriders.

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    i'll definitely miss flying. Being able to skip a large area of mobs to get that node? huge plus when your trying to lvl up a profession and are already crunched for time

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    I doubt it. I'll be taking my time with my main char then start working on the twinks. I'm pretty sure, by the time I got 2 or 3 up to 100 (i like taking my time) the patch will be out anyhow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chishikaru View Post
    Nope won't be missing them for 1 patch. I like the idea of questing/exploring around on my ground mount.
    Since you could never really fly till max level, you were already on the ground for questing and exploring as you wanted.

    Now your going to be grounded for an additional 3-4 months past max level for no better reason that cause blizzard wanted to make smaller regions so that you got the illusion of a large area when riding on the ground.

    Makes me miss flying even more now that I think about it.

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    we will have a chance to flaunt our ground mounts for a while like on timless isle or on isle of thunder.. so i think its not a biggie

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    Not really, I'll get used to it quickly.

    I've spent most of my time recently inside instances, on the timeless isle or on alts anyway, so I'm used to no flying.
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    will be sad to see all my chars riding the water skimmer for a full 2-3months hopefully 6.1 will come a month in or so.
    tho gameplay wise it's not a big bother for me, they just need to make all mounts have water walking

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    I'm going to enjoy experiencing the first three months of WoD without flight mounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbazz View Post
    I find that some people are so consumed by the passion and belief in their own opinions that they fail to see or understand the design philosophy that Blizzard has with the restriction. They want to restrict you into playing the game in a certain way (on the ground) so that you experience the game in the way they intend. They are obviously trying to get back to the roots of WoW in feel, and they obviously have good intentions with it.

    I do wish that some people could take a step back from their obviously correct opinions and views and just try to take a look at it from an outside perspective, it's a minor inconvenience that they think is good for the design of their game and their content. You can argue all you want but the only negative effect it is going to have on any of you is a minor inconvenience, you may think that it will slow you down in your efficiency to perform menial tasks, but if they are designing around flying mounts not being available they can certaintly take that into consideration.

    I honestly have no particularely strong opinions either way but I hope they don't buckle under the pressure of these inconvenienced vocal minority.
    Really nice post

    I was one of those people that felt a bit deflated when first hearing about no flying mounts, but after thinking on it and reading their reasons as you have stated, they will be building the world around not having flying mounts, and I agree with them, flying is fab, but we have gotten too used to it, and it'll be nice for them to build the world around ground mounts again.

    I also don't have strong feelings on it either way, but I am interested to see what they do to make the world interesting from a ground mount perspective

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    No. Most of my favorite mounts are ground mounts, and I almost never get to use them seeing as I don't PvP.

    It'll be a breath of fresh air. Flying is nice at times, but I really think it was a mistake to let it come to this stage where people never leave the air.
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    Maybe, but I don't care.

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    I'll miss farming plants and ore while flying (and avoiding mobs). Which concerns me is the risks it inflates prices of plants and ore, especially if blizz doesn't provide an alternative way to get them.

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    More than anything I've missed my ground mount for 2 expansions now.

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    I'm gonna miss my Pureblood Firehawk which I just freaking love but I fully support the restriction as I'll finally get to use my ground mounts without feeling obliged to fly for maximum speed.

    Yey for Raven Lord mount <3 ( oh and Vicious War Saber if I get it in time )

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