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    Will we ever have another cener of eternal agony?

    I have been farming leather a lot lately in general and its still filled with massive amounts of QQ because of the censer of eternal agony. I am sure they have received a fair amount of complaints about it. Even though they wont do anything about them and they really can't, I am just wandering if maybe they had to deal with enough spam / crap from the reports that they may be a cautious about creating another one of these items. I mean, lets face it. There are Some who do use it purely to insight rage and angry responses. I see them all the time. Others do it purely for the title / other rewards. Either way, they can't do anything about any of the reports but I am sure that hasn't stopped anyone.

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    I'm all for it. The Timeless Isle was pretty entertaining for an end-game content patched zone. I wouldn't mind seeing future zones like it, and the experience just wouldn't be the same without some kind of wild PvP crap going on, no matter how irritating it can get at times.

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    Probably do it in another way I mean there was so much QQ It was beyond ridiculous haha

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    Who knows, but I hope there will be a censer-like feature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hysteria View Post
    Probably do it in another way I mean there was so much QQ It was beyond ridiculous haha
    I agree I think they might do it again but it would be some new way
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    Don't see any reason they wouldn't try it on the new wPVP zone.
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    I hope we wont, at least not one with a mount tied to it. The grind to 500 for me was one of my worst experiences in WoW. At least if they make you get coins of HKs it would be so much better.

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