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    What class works best with only visual stimuli?

    While I like my paladin, I'm a bit sick of staring at little more than the cooldowns so I know when to press buttons. I set up some weakauras so I get a lot more visual cues, but in the end, it's hard as most abilities are cooldown-based. I was hoping to find a class where I could pretty much entirely ignore the bars at the bottom of the screen and instead just look for existing, or create my own, visual cues. A first glance, it seems like balance druids and warlocks have the most abilities that are tied to situations instead of "press when active." Hunters have some of that, but at least some specs seem to have several shots that are still "press on cooldown." My DK is less cooldown based, but I still find myself having to focus on the runes more than what's going on around me.

    What classes have you played that required more looking at the situation than the action bar?

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    Warlocks you probably could do with the verdant circle glyph. As it shows your soul shards/ burning ember count as little green orbs above your character.

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    Any of them provided you're just grinding mobs. For raiding you just see a hotbar and big flashes of GTFO.

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    Besides lava burst you really do not need much visual stimuli for elemental. I mean if you run with elemental blast yeah, but that is a 30sec cooldown.
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    Feral Druid, Warlock as mentioned, or maybe try a tanking class? Feral/Affliction has the snapshotting so looking at your WeakAuras for that could be something for you, other than that the specs arent cooldown based like Ret is. If not I personally would recommend tanking as a more situation based style than most DPS even though you might have a priority list with cooldown-based abilities, you also have active mitigation and the smaller cds like Barkskin etc. to toss out.

    Loads of options for you, could be worth checking out Icy-Veins for some basics or some video guides for the different classes/specs that really interest you.
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    I would say any tank or healer is going to be more situational than cooldown/rotation based, which I why I prefer those roles over dps. I hate juggling a dozen cooldowns over and over to try to keep up on the meters. Tanking feels a lot more immersive because you aren't looking at the UI much, and healers look at the health bars more than the actual ability icons.

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    Resource based classes/specs are more along these lines, eg Rogue. You'll still need addons to track your energy, CPs and big DPS CDs, but you lose no damage if you choose to pool energy to wait for a trinket proc or whatever. Provided it doesn't cap. That's more interactive than ramming buttons off CD IMO.

    Hunters to some extent work like this although you have to constantly spam steady shot in between. I believe Arc Mages are more about mana management, though all casters fall under the ABC rule I think.
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    I space out(literally my vision blurs :S) while playing my hunter(Survival/BM)/warlock(destro anyways). Arms warrior can be done simply too(least to me). I try not to play overly complicated specs where you need weakauras or other mods to play them competitively.

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