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    ...I don't know... can you repeat the question?

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    I used to be 3:

    DBM - Most raiding guilds require you to install it.
    Recount - For my own personal use
    RogueBars - Made my life a lot easier keeping track of certain timers.

    When I came back I added a 4th:

    Spell Flash - I used it to get back up to speed quicker. I hardly pay attention to it but it's still handy every now and then.

    Now, if they could ever get Peggle back I will add that sucker in a heartbeat.

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    AtlasLoot(For when I'm lazy leave me alone)
    Chronicle(For my Writing Needs ingame and out of game so it's a cool addon)
    DBM(Gives me all the info I need for raid awareness, sometimes I out of habit don't listen to it because the encounters are like muscles to me now)
    GatherMate2(For node gatherings)
    GryphonHeartItems( Roleplaying/Lore usage)
    Mogit(So I can see all the transmog sets I want and my favorite weapons)
    MyRolePlay(RP Addon so yeah NEEDS TO BE UPDATED ALL THE TIME)
    NeedToKnow(Helps track my Inquisition otherwise not so much)
    Recount( Know the deeps but I forget it's there sometimes)
    SavedInstances(So I know if I'm saved to what and forgetting)

    All these addons are needed for me. Addons aren't bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tolkien View Post
    ...I don't know... can you repeat the question?


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    I use the RealUI Compilation, with PowerAuras, DBM, and RaidSpellAnnouncer included. I'd pretty much refuse to play without it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BatteredRose View Post
    Addons are for the weak.
    -Usually said by the weak

    Majority of addons are mostly QoL. Could i keep track of my bomb? Sure, will my eyes be darting around, unable to focus on the action? Probably, especially on a 27" running 1440p. The only addon that "affects" the game are raid addons, which even then, doesn't really seem to help most people's performance.
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    The only ones I like for convenience are atlasloot and mogit. I have a DR tracker but I find myself counting things like trinkets and DRs in my head. DBM is eh, it increases me output with things like spirit shell but I wouldn't care if it never existed.
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    I couldn't play without Xperl. Really the only one I absolutely want. Any dps/healing/threat meter spices up dungeons and raids for me, but I can survive without such a thing.

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    I've always used addons since vanilla. Addons I can't play without:
    - Some kind of unit frames, currently using ShadowedUI
    - Boss timers: DBM
    - Bartender

    Optional addons:
    - Damage meters: Skada
    - Something to track ores/herbs: Gathermate2 + Gathermate2_data
    - Auctionator
    - Postal
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    I only use 2 addons and that's DBM and Castbars which just changes the look of the castbars and shows an area on the bar where I can begin casting again. I don't even really need that one I just like the way it makes my castbars look. I have no need for any other addons other than those so I don't bother. I'm only on WoW for no more than like 4 or 5 hours, sometimes less, so there's really no need for me to even bother with any other addons.
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    Elvui, because I like the setup of it.
    Weak Auras, it's good for monitoring buffs and debuffs.
    Skaada, I prefer it to recount because it doesn't use as much memory.
    GTFO, I find a REALLY annoying sound always makes me learn to GTFO.
    DBM, well it's DMB what else can I say.
    Grid and Clique, I like the fairly small and efficient set up you can get.

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    As a healer in a 25m hardcore guild, my only mandatory addon is Grid because the basic raid frames just lack of options.

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    I dont want to spend much time on addons, so I use default interface with few script fixes plus some addons depending on situation.

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    Mostly just healbot titan panel and xperl/bartender but couldn't play without me lol

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    The only addon I really needed (as any raider) would be DBM. Not for most fights, but some boss encounters work with certain random events and it's close to impossible to time them correctly without an addon. Lich King defile jumps to mind...good luck doing that boss without DBM when progressing on current content. :P

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    addons that lets you customize stuff is great
    addons like dbm are shit, because blizzard balances encounters around having them

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    Addons are a reason to play WoW imo. Cant stand MMO without addons

    Playing what my friends are playing ie : DESTINY on x1

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    Not a fan of the standard UI, so I rely on Move anything and Dominos. And before you know it, there are others that make life nicer, like Bagnon, Altoholic, Yaymounts, Tidy Plates, Grid, DBM and Postal....

    But at the end of the day, if they all went long as I can keybind and mouseover macro...

    With the amount of mounts around, yaymount would be a loss...although it is buggy for me. Not sure if it is because I play on three different comps, but often it just resets and ticks windriders only. Yuk.
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    ... there are lots of different types of players, with different amounts of time to play, and different tastes for the content and difficulty and time commitment they want to give to any of those pieces of content. The person that plays for an hour or so a few times a week is playing the same game as the person that plays five hours every night.....

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    Only addons I really use are quality of life addons
    Atlas loot to view loot tables (fuck dungeon journal)
    Recount just to view damage
    Postal so I don't have to click so damned much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tokas View Post
    addons that lets you customize stuff is great
    addons like dbm are shit, because blizzard balances encounters around having them
    They balance very few encounters around having them, but I'd say atleast 1 each raid tier. So you would have to get it one way or another.

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