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    Ive got a couple: Eyes of the Beast, of course. Raptor Strike + wing clip. Far Sight, or whatever the hunter version is called. And lastly, and most surprisingly, Beast Lore.
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    Tame beast and Disengage

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    Honestly? Glyphed Camo has allowed for the most PVP hilarity. Knockbacks and surprise CC to snake flags in RBGs is always a good time.

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    Feign Death to save my ass.

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    haha This post kinda blew up Thanks everyone for there reply
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    Explosive trap: glyphed.

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    a 5-way tie between mongoose bite, raptor strike, wing clip, lacerate, and old disengage

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryklin View Post
    a 5-way tie between mongoose bite, raptor strike, wing clip, lacerate, and old disengage
    I honestly don't know why people would miss any of these abilities. All of them nearly useless in practice, wing clip only being semi-useful since it was off the gcd and could be macroed with disengage.

    As for lacerate, quoting WoW Wiki- "The Hunter's only melee DoT. Its damage was worse than a Rank 4 Serpent Sting, because of this it was considered the worst Talent in the game, let alone worst 31 point talent in the game. Very few people ever took it for anything other than a joke."

    The nostalgia must be clouding judgement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    Feign Death is probably one of the best abilities ever imo.
    Oh you'd think that, wouldn't you? But I'm pretty sure the encounter designers have it out for hunters - how many mechanics still continue to kill you well after you've feigned?

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    Disengage. It is just soo awsome, Also Feighdeath during a boss fight just to hear my raidleader yell "Who the F.. died..." and shortly after it "stop around during boss fights"

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    One of the main purposes of Feign Death is to pad the meters during a wipe. Scumbagging ftw.

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    Disengage, especially with Posthaste. Though glyphed concussive shot was better, it was amazing... *cry* ... I want the glyph back.

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    Although not a Hunter specific ability per se, I really miss Cat family pets having a bleed damage attack. It was really useful for dealing with Vanish-happy Rogues...and with so many Vanishes available to Rogues nowadays, it's really annoying. =\

    That, and what the XMD said about Consussion Glyph. Was good for the runners.

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    Ventilation shaft. How do you know that?

    The amount of shit I've managed to pull off with this ability...
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    Tame Beast is my favorite Hunter ability. I love naming pets!

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    eyes of the beast.

    r.i.p geddon pulls !

    feign death is a close second.

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    i actually constantly joke with friends 'so hey, what is the number one most OP/cool ability in game'....most say heroic then i link the 'fetch' ability and have yet to have anyone argue against that lol

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    Explosive trap knockback definitely. If I get bored I head over to the horde PvP vendors with the glyph that makes camo actual stealth and proceed to blast horde near the edge of the wall off the side to their death below. Best part is, it doesn't break camo so you rarely get caught >

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