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    Quote Originally Posted by hrugner View Post
    here's your gnome hunter. I have no idea why a nightelf would drink from a famous evil gnome skull to gain their gnome powers... but if it were to happen.
    Maybe a gnome hunter irradiates themselves and then hunts Leper Gnomes all day below plumbing Gnomeregan's depths for the remaining populations of leper gnomes with a special helmet keeping their brain from being irradiated?

    Maybe Gnome Hunters are a group of gnome hating Ice Trolls from Dun Morogh covered in the bones of dead gnomes who've been eating Leper Gnomes and mutating into monstrous super trolls, decked out in gnome skulls and ready to eat any gnome that moves while addicted to eating leper gnomes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman-BladesEdge View Post
    Yet every race except pandas can be DKs. Even Worgen and Goblins who were post-facto additions.
    For some good reasons. Deathknights are overcome with a rage filled hatred for all life and have to inflict pain at least once a day on sentient life, and the longer they resist it the more agony they endure and the more rage and hate filled they become.

    Pandaren also never fought the Scourge, safe from that war in their isolation. Unless one or two wanderers like Chen were out there.

    Pandaren have mastered their emotions and would have been rejected as candidates in the opening WOTLK DK experience for being "weak".
    It doesn't make much sense at all.

    Goblins would have fought the Scourge left and right, all over Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. ANYONE WHO FOUGHT THEM AND DIED was raised in battle. If they had unusual skill in ability, they were candidates for being a DK. Worgen have a special modification in their experience to explain it, having to do with the Worgen of Grizzly Hills in Northrend.
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    I don't like many of the class combinations that people suggest, but i have always seen hunter and warrior a class that every race should be able to be

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokoshne View Post
    just because goblins can be hunters doesnt mean gnomes should be hunters. There should be some restrictions to classes and races. Otherwise why not just let every race be all classes. In the end what does it really matter?

    The thing is you want to have these restrictions so it makes the races that can be those classes a little bit more special, a little bit more flavorful.
    But the question is, what reason is there for Gnomes not to be Hunters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yig View Post
    Actually good sir, they used a number of images, both that one and the one I showed, here is the page itself archived.
    Dude, WARDANCERS! I wish that was true, it's basically what I think demon hunters should be in this game based on Warhammer's Wardancer and Slayer unit, but I digress.

    I might be obstuse but what I see you doing is claiming one joke race is somehow less legitimate for being more of a joke than another based on some "joke race" scale. In reality, there's a lot more to something being an intrinsic joke race. There's "oh look how cool this looks" as well as "that's fucking hilarious man" and then "hey wouldn't that be cool if it was this or that?", I've told you I'm not quite sure what your point is I thought, and I don't mean to be telling you or making assumptions over what you said beyond guessing, I'm trying to establish what you're saying.

    So le me try again, you're saying gnomes deserve more respect even though they're a race filled with comedic elements too as well as deserving as the Pandaren are of respect? If so, I agree.

    And for the record, I was being facetious about having a scholarly PHD in trivial ashcan comic books man, sorry if that tongue in cheek wasn't clear. I was trying to have some brevity in the intense discussions we have over such jovial and trivial things all in all at the end of the day.

    I know Samwise's origins he's given on this, what did my account of them change from what has been established? I'd go back and read my posts but I'm running on fumes. So for my own benefit to recap, they started out as a picture he drew for his daughter, they were later used for an April Fool's Joke after devs at the office like the pic so much they took it and made a mock up race out the pics.

    For people who denigrate PAndaren for this "joke race" thing as if it's intrinsic, I just want to say they could have easily shown up on a Christmas Card and never been used as a joke race and still been requested for the game. Would the community start calling them a Christmas Card race if that had happened? This is not directed at you, it's a general question for anyone with "joke race" fixation.
    Congratulations you found the Page that was Originally posted April 1st 1999. Everything on that page was put up as Jest. Making the very first appearance of Pandaren quite literally an attempt at humor. ie why Pandaren are called a Joke race, they were. This does not take anything away from them or there history, it helps identify how they became popular. So much so they had to reskin an xp mob into a usable hero that was a bonus unlock.

    Taking offense at how they came to be is like someone in the US being offended by being called by the Nation of their ancestral heritage. ie you are descended from England, have white skin with a typically English Last name ie Smith, if ancestrally German called you "English", which the Amish do call non-Amish.

    Sorry you are offended by the history of how Panderan came to be, personally I think that starting out as a Joke and becoming a full Player Race adds to their Charm.

    But then as a Long term Goth (ie 1st black lipstick in 1990 while in the Marines.) Knowing the origin of the first Goth Song "Bela Lugosi's Dead" by Bauhaus, was made as a Joke aimed at Bauhaus Fans. Meaning the Goth Music culture started as a humorous insult, by the most beloved Gothic band.

    I can love something and enjoy that it has humble beginnings. I generally proudly proclaim the humble beginnings because if we forget we can become pretentious.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yig View Post
    I'm sure all kinds of races in this game came out as nothing but an artist goofing off in his sketch pad.

    Here's a recent doodle from Chris Robinson's he even joked about putting in to the game someday,...

    I would LOVE to see them in game, with their eyes all animated to wobble around independantly like those toys with the eyes that wobbled in the 80s or whenever I can't remember.
    Many have started out as Jokes, only one player race however was purely started as a Joke. The rest of the Player Races follow wargamming troopes started by Games Workshop with their Warhammer line of fantasy tabletop wargames. Much of the Look and feel of Warcraft comes from Warhammer, to include the different races.

    Warcraft = inspiration
    Human = Warhammer Empire, Britons
    Dwarf = Warhammer Dwarf
    Night elf = Warhammer Wood Elves
    Gnome = Warhammer Dwarf Engineers (Ironically small short bearded Dwarves tend to be the guys in Vehicles. Sort of how Goblins are the drivers of Orc Warmachines)
    Draenei = Not based on Warhammer
    Worgen = Warhammer Mutants and Beastment, with a strong Briton flavor.
    Pandaren = Not based on Warhammer, first seen as an April 1st joke, inspired by Samwise Love of Asian Film.
    Orc = Orc/Greenskins (Warhammer is the origin of the Green Orc. up to that point Orcs in fantasy gaming were corrupted Elves.)
    Undead = Undead Vampire Counts, AQ included the Tomb Kings as bugs.
    Tauren = Beastmen.
    Troll = Unique to WarCraft. Up to this point Trolls were horribly malformed rock monsters, WarCraft Trolls are Dark Elves with Tusks and Rasta accents.
    Blood elf = Warhammer High Elves.
    Goblin = Warhammer Goblins, even down to the look and Green Skin.
    Kobold = Skaven (in every other fantasy setting Kobold are Reptiles or Ghosts)

    To find the other Joke Races you have to look at NPC races. Many of them are quite obvious Jokes, like Murlocks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yig View Post
    Basically as a hobbyist wannabe artist (I prefer the term draw-er), I may be so bold as to say all kinds of drawings start out with the intent of just goofing off and having fun, and they later take on a life of their own. Blizzard's art team have a very organic process of inspiration up there. They work on what tends to get their juices flowing from what they've shared. My basic point is I wish people would stop making distinctions between one race or another using the qualifier "joke race". They're all humorous jokes, one of them once used as an actual joke on a holiday themed around a joke, but it was also invented before a joke as a cute little homage.

    So I guess you might not even be addressing this issue at all in this context Gothicshark and I apologize if I assumed you did. It's a pet issue if mine I tend to weigh in on when I smell blood in the water. I've not been sleeping, like 4 hours a week, so my concentration isn't at it's best. I love that you know who Panda Khan is, and don't mean to be making a confrontation here. I'd prefer to just have a chat about character design and gnomes being worthy of legitimate regard if that's what you're getting at.

    Just as 2 headed ogres were created before ever being used as an April Fool's joke, but are obviously a joke from inception while still being wicked cool monsters, I doubt people would claim if they were in the game they would be called a joke race.
    You need to drop the pet peeve since it goes against the history of the Race. Which takes away the Honor of being the race that was so cool it started as a Joke and was made in to a major part of world lore.

    Also 2 head ogres are based on Warhammer two headed Giant. The race origin is not a joke, the personality is humorous. Which is the case for most player Races.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yig View Post
    I believe this all lays at the heart of the Panda being an animal synonymous with something "uncool". If that's completely unrelated to your point, then consider it a tangent for the people who think denigrating anything in WOW as a "joke race" means anything.

    If your point is gnomes and pandaren deserve as much respect as orcs and humans, I agree.

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    I even draw a demon hunter spoof on the subject using a mouse in paint because I have no WACOM at the moment but I just gave up.
    Whhaaa?? Pandas are very cool, most people love Pandas, there is a reason why pandas are common in pop culture, they are inherently cool. Sort of why an Aprils Fool Joke was demanded by Fans to be made real.

    As for races which deserve respect, they all do. The only race I dislike is the Forsaken, but that is because they are pure Evil and not afraid to admit it, so they have my respect. Unlike Orcs, who have lost all Respect because they Talk the talk but never walk the walk.

    ie "Honor, Strenght, and Battle, For the Horde!!" so lets Nuke Theramore, from the air, in secret. Trolls have my Respect, they walk the Walk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nindoriel View Post
    But the question is, what reason is there for Gnomes not to be Hunters?
    All reasons have been debunked, except the Racial "Escape Artist" would make Gnome Hunters a bit strong in PVP.

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