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    How many legendaries do you own ?

    One of the other posts about transmogging got me thinking.
    Lots of people say no to the option, since everyone and his dog will walk around in legendaries.
    Are there really so many people with legendaries ?

    My question to you is, how many legendaries do you own ?
    And which ones ?

    My results :

    1 glaive on my lock
    Sunwell bow on hunter
    Sulfaras and Thunderfury on DK. So 4.
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    I have thunderfury and the warglaives.

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    My DK has the offhand Warglaive of Azzinoth, that's about it. Been trying to get the 2nd binding for Thunderfury for an eternity.

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    Dreadlord Art3x's Avatar
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    Atiesh, Thunderfury, One glaive ;x, 3 of the four cloaks, and working on my Val'anyr

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    Titan MerinPally's Avatar
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    Umm... Thunderfury, Sulfuras, MOP cloak, Skillmourne and I think that's it. I farm the Sunwell bow and the Warglaives but no luck so far. Got 8 Fragments of Val'anyr I think. Can't even remember where the apostrophe goes, eurgh.
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    My Lock owns
    Cloak, Staff, Bow, and Thunderfury. As a side question, why do they make them now with such hard to spell names.
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    Oh shit.. I voted 4 and totally forgot about the cloaks. So counting the cloaks in I'd be at 6 legendaries.
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    On my Rogue:


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    Warglaives, Thunderfury, Sulfuras, Thori'dal. All on my hunter.

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    Ill count the cloak as 1, and only go unique (sets)

    Valynar (sp?)
    -not counting the gems/weapon socket-

    Missing -

    Atiesh (no longer obtainable )
    Fangs of the Father
    Black Quraji Resonating Crystal (guild leader got it)

    Not sure if Ill get the rogue one, I dont even have a rogue.. <_<. Most were gotten after the fact, the ones I got during current content were:

    Thunderfury, Thori'dal (all hunters had.. lol), Shadowmourne, Cloak. The rest got after they were irrelevant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiigeri View Post
    Oh shit.. I voted 4 and totally forgot about the cloaks. So counting the cloaks in I'd be at 6 legendaries.
    The cloaks probably shouldn't count anyway :P
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    15 if you count the bug mount and multiple cloaks.

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    My monk has both Glaives, Windfury, Cloak(s), and 20/30 fragments of valanyr.
    My DK has both Glaives as well.
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    Where is this 2nd big major patch you speak of?
    It's on the alternative timeline.

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    and then we go down to when the legendaries were current and 95% of you went down to 0 legendaries. Wellfare cloaks do not count. Lets face it. When more than 20 people get the cloaks when they are released in a patch. they arent legendary, especially when people get them for their alts at the same day

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    Ze cloak

    Should probably go back and start farming one of the old legendaries - when they were current, I never played the class that they were made for on a raiding level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glowpipe View Post
    and then we go down to when the legendaries were current and 95% of you went down to 0 legendaries. Wellfare cloaks do not count. Lets face it. When more than 20 people get the cloaks when they are released in a patch. they arent legendary
    Opinions and armpits. But I guess you know that lines like "welfare" legendaries will provoke a reaction....

    By your definition only Aitiesh was ever remotely legendary - there might be about 20 peeps who have that

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    Thunderfury (Dk & Warrior)
    Warglaives (4 offhand drops - DK)
    Almost Shadowmourne (23 shards to go ... DK) ;-)
    Cloak (DK)

    So that's (almost) 5, with only the cloak during relevant content

    Edit : And i don't give a sh*t that alot of people run around with 'em. I just like em for the looks :-)
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    Thunderfury - Warlock
    Sulfuras, Shadowmourne, Warglaives - DK
    Cloak - Warlock, soon DK

    I don't have a rogue or a hunter so the daggers and bow are out for now. I'll probably start on a Dragonwrath and Val'anyr sometime.

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    Valy, Shadowmourne, Sulf, Thunderfury, cloak - Hamanis, my Paladin
    Fangs of the Father, Warglaives - Deadsilencin, my rogue.
    Thor'dal - Demoralizes, my warrior

    Currently working have 700/1000 seething embers on my mage for Dragonwrath, so I'm not too far off from having all of them. Just a couple more weeks to go

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    Stood in the Fire DoubleT's Avatar
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    2x Thunderfury, 2x Thori'dal, Shadowmourne, Sulfuras, Fangs of the Father, Warglaives, Val'nayr.

    Only missing Atiesh, which cannot be obtained anymore since patch 3.0.1 (that's the patch I started playing in as well, so yeah).

    Edit: Forgot to mention cloak :P
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    lol, all those people with thunderfuries, still have nightmares from farming crystals :P

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