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    There is another thing I noticed just now and that could be the reason why he is soooooooo dependant on arcane shot. He is specced into ToTH so I think he thinks that is his major priority and should be used no matter what. I think he should not worry about the ToTH procs when Explosive shot is available, That is the SV hunters bread and butter, the signature shot, the one that hits the hardest and should be used on cooldown no matter what. Again that is just what I saw and think and I am by no means one or even remotely close to one of the best hunters out there, so some one here could prove me wrong.

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    /\ Tell him to spec into Dire Beast or Fervor. Toth can cause alot of confusion if you don't use it correctly. I know it did for me when I tried it. You end up using arcane shot over other spells because 1 its shiny, and 2 you feel you need to use the proc. Both are not the case. Also I recommend going with blink strikes instead of AMOC. Helps cut down on button bloat. AMOC is such a focus hog, and it can really disrupt your rotation. Also with all the multi targeting in the fight you're better off with Blink Strikes. For minor glyph i recommend Glyph of stampede just to help with issues with stabled pets (saves a little headache). He needs to work on his AOE rotation, pretty much trying to get in as many Multishots as possible when theres adds to be aoed. But it just seems like hes trying to do to much at once. Also i know this may be a little much but Mining is a terrible profession for raiding (But I'm sure if your doing normal garrosh you guys aren't on the bleeding edge of min maxing)

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