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    Lightbulb WoW Levels: Mythic Dungeons, Challenge Raids, Bonus Objectives and Secret Treasures

    First of all, I'd like to see Mythic Dungeons introduced in the future (although Blizzard currently has no plans for them yet). One of the things that set's heroics aside from normals is that the heroics bring new phases, resistances, and abilities to the boss fights and mobs, and completing them induces a sense of accomplishment. Mythic dungeons could perhaps expand upon that by making some mobs completely immune to a certain type of damage (ie, fire elementals immune to all fire damage), make fights with ghosts require a certain spell, and make boss encounters more challenging and unique.

    Speaking of challenges, I think there should also be a challenge raid setting too. Basically same thing as the dungeons but with raids. They'd have different rewards, ofcourse.

    I think levels should have bonus objectives. We already have achievements, but bonus objectives would make dungeons and raids a lot more meaningful and entertaining. Perhaps a certain way to defeat a boss, using a different path, a timed run, etc.

    Finally, I liked how Timeless Isle had treasure chests. Maybe sprinkling them across not just the game world but the instances too would be cool!

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    The plan for them, from what I understood was; there will be level 100 normal difficulty dungeons and then heroic difficulty dungeons. Mythic dungeons are a possibility and all dungeons will have bonus rewards depending on how fast you complete them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    Finally, I liked how Timeless Isle had treasure chests. Maybe sprinkling them across not just the game world but the instances too would be cool!
    At one point in time, all dungeons DID have treasure chests, and quite a number too. However, they are now only up in certain low-lvl dungeons due to things like rogues rushing ahead to open em, ppl ninjaing them, ect. Of course, with the way tech works now, that problem is almost all gone (Still got rogues/druids ect that will rush ahead to get chests). So, the main question is, how will you set it up so that its more "Oh cool chest" instead of "GAH THERE WAS NO CHEST IN HERE" kinda thing. Most likely extra valor or something from a chest.

    Mythic Dungeons.. What, exactly, woudl qualify as a Mythic dungeon? Something similar in difficulty to Mythic raids, but 5 man? Composition would matter heavily- just look at the current disparities between 10 and 25 man heroic raiding in terms of composition, and then amplify it. One comp might be able to "breeze" through a fight, whereas another would struggle very much so. I think we should get a solid look at the new "heroic" dungeons next expansion before clamoring for Mythic dungeons.

    Challenge Raids. If its anything like current challenge dungeons, except on a raid scale, then NO. Too much tied to speed, not enough tied to "skill". ATM, you are already minorly rewarded for being faster- you get in faster kills, and fights are generally easier if you complete them faster. Faster fights means more time on later fights, which snowballs a wee bit. Now, perhaps, if you kill a certain boss in under a certain time, you can skip the next trash packs, but otherwise, i would NOT want rewards timed to speed.

    Bonus Objectives.. Sure, as long as the rewards are relative to what you got in H Scenarios.
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