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    Transition between expansions

    This opinion presents a more challenging and thus probably less popular notion.

    I think it would make for better expansion transitions if the player had to finish all of the dungeons and raids in a particular expansion before moving on to new expansion(higher level) content. This would force the player to take on the boss of the expansion at the end of it which would grant have more story resolution. This isn't to say that a player should have to beat Deathwing before creating a Pandarin. You just won't be able to access Pandaria until you beat him. I understand that a lot of people would gripe and moan, but I think it would add (force) more content into each player's experience. It wouldn't necessarily have to be so strict either. Perhaps you just have to beat the bosses on one character in order to skip the raids from that boss's expansion with other characters.

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    This is a HORRIBLE idea. it would make it almost impossible for newcomers to play with their veteran friends, grinding guild recruitment to a halt. If you like the games lore and feel enriched by fighting all the bosses and completing all the dungeons that's cool and I can even relate, but not everyone else does and it would be destructive to the game if we tried to force this view on new players.

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    With the current raiding structure and hardware requirements, this is a terrible idea.
    I would have loved to see more raids in Cata or MoP, but my guild had died, and LFR was too much for my processor.

    If you had an option to get there alone with bots, why not, eventhough it's still very debatable.

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    Anything that has 'Forced Content' would go down like a lead balloon imho. Not everyone likes to raid. Would be pretty pointless to try and force them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Damoose View Post
    This opinion presents a more challenging and thus probably less popular notion.
    Forcing people into doing something they don't want to do is the best way to get rid of subscribers. Sure finalist for the "stupidest idea of 2014" contest.

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    The only thing that annoys me betwin x-pack's is the need to re-download all the client. When MoP came, they introduced a new continent, and added just a few NPC's around the world, but they reseted the world and forced us to redownload even the areas that got no updated at all, like Teldrassil, or Icecrown, really annoying, a thing i hope not to see again.

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    Well intentioned idea, but no.

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    there is no need to force people to complete all the old raids. how would you feel as a new player you hit lvl 60 and find out that you need to go do molten core before you can continue on to oultand? and wait....you need a group of people to do it at that lvl or you have to be carried through. sorry but thats not the best thing to do imo. even if you could do it with 5 people, some of the raids are way to big and would take too much time away from leveling.

    if they wanted to make 5 man versions of the raids and allow me to queue for them then i might like it. they'd have to make it give enough xp though to make it worth the time.
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