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    Being forewarned about Garrosh - good or bad?

    So, before MoP was released, and probably at least partially in response to the fact that there were no big (at least in existing lore-wise) identified 'bad guys' in the expansion, Blizzard said that Garrosh was going to be the end boss of the expansion.

    Looking back now, do you think they should've announced that? Or should they have let the story play out so we wouldn't have officially found out until SoO was released?

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    It was pretty obvious... even in cata it was kinda obvious... There's this mission in stone talon mountains where you gain ranking and it shows garrosh punting this corrupt orc off the edge for killing innocent druids, but then you see garrosh in org and he just seems like a total dick. Even if blizzard didn't mention it, I'm sure plenty of people would have guessed. I knew he was evil in cata, but I thought they were just making him tough because we're the horde, but no other leader was as much of a dick as he was.
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    I would have preferred to discover that he was the final boss over the course of the expansion. In 5.0 people would have been completely clueless because he doesn't appear at all except from right at the start, and then in the patches it would have become clear. The only big problem would be that the Alliance would perhaps be less clued in.
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    I think they made a mistake by telling us the expansion's third act before it even began. I hope WoD maintains some mystery about it until the last tier.

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    Should have kept quiet on the grounds that it would have taken players (specifically, Alliance players) much longer to come to the conclusion that any resolution to the Alliance invading Org wouldn't make a damned lick of sense in the lore. Then we would've been caught up in pre-WoD hype before disappointment had a chance to settle in.
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    They shouldn't have announced it because I think it's better to have some sort of mystery and wild speculation instead of being spoiled about what's coming. Well, it was a bit obvious that Garrosh was going bad but straight out confirming it that he will be the final boss kinda ruined the feeling. Think it like you are reading a book or watching a movie and you get the feeling what's going to happen next, but then someone tells it to you before it is actually revealed in the story.

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    they shouldn't of said anything and let it unfold, but too many people moaned due to the lack of announced bad guy saying the expansion was pointless without a big bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belimawr View Post
    they shouldn't of said anything and let it unfold, but too many people moaned due to the lack of announced bad guy saying the expansion was pointless without a big bad.
    yeh, i kinda wish they would be more tight lipped about releasing upcoming info but more free with current confirmation ie. why bolvar had to become lichking, what happened to certain npcs etc...

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    It was really obvious by the end of the 5.1 Alliance questline that Garry was an evil, bigoted, racist bastard. They gave the spoiler a whole patch too early. Not really that big of a deal. Actually, no. He was pretty much raid-bait when he made the decision to bomb Theramore.

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    Also, I don't understand why people complain about spoilers from Blizzcon. Isn't the entire convention a huge spoiler, aside from the E-sports portion?
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    Unfortunately your poll is too niche for me to answer.

    Being told he was going to be the end boss IMO wasn't a great move. As no faction leader had been fought before, it would've been a surprise to many. The theme of the xpac didn't lend itself to guessing SoO as the final raid. Its like being told there is a plot twist in a movie then told the plot twist.

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    I don't really understand why the game has a story if they're just going to tell us the whole thing at Blizzcon. They plant subtle hints like the Hourglass questline... but they already told us at Blizzcon what happens with Kairoz and Garrosh. So why have a six week questline that only hints at the things you've already explicitly said? I can see spoilers from PTRs and betas and such, but why tell us all of the pre-WoD events many months before they're going to be in the game? When a story point is spoiled, you're just bored with it by the time it finally arrives.

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    I think it greatly depends on the boss. When you're not sure at the start of an expansion how a certain character's going to play out, I.E MoP and Garrosh, it's utterly retarded to tell everyone he's going to be the end boss. Ruins the surprise, ruins the shock/anger, to a certain extent.

    Whereas an expansion such as Cata, or WotLK, where no-one's under any illusions as to who's going to be the main boss, you might as well start building anticipation.

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    I think it would have been cool if they hadn't told us and let us find out on our own, but then there are some people like my husband who is always the spoiler for games and movies and would have called it before it happened, therefore ruining it for me anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuppetShowJustice View Post
    I think they made a mistake by telling us the expansion's third act before it even began. I hope WoD maintains some mystery about it until the last tier.
    They already announced it.

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    Didn't they only tell us because so many people whined about not knowing? I am sure they originally said they weren't going to release it from the start. The box art was Chen etc, not a big bad (see Cata/Wrath etc), so to me they originally intended it to be more a progression reveal during the expansion, but again I just recall the backlash of "OMG SUCKY EXPANSION WITH NO END BOSS" etc...forced their hand a bit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Excel905 View Post
    They already announced it.
    No...they didn't. Unless you mean the (quite clearly sarcastic imo) comment about Gromm.
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    It's dumb to think they could keep that secret. You'd have known Garrosh was the end boss in the middle of the tot tier, way before the story building up to it happened in game.

    The only way to do something like this is to do their own testing. No more ptr, beta, etc.

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    With their kindergarten style of story telling, if you can't predict the story in advance you should probably be put out of your misery.

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    To me I feel as though them telling us that "Hey Garrosh is going to be the bad guy in the end" ended up being a huge slack in his development since, oh hey, we knew he was going to turn around and be bad in the end. I was incredibly caught off guard when reading Tides of War when Garrosh dropped the bomb on Theramor, since I thought he was down the lines of an Orgrim Doomhammer, and the quest chain in Stonetalon showed us the same situation yet he was against the attack of civilians.

    His character was a mixed bag and at first I enjoyed him. He went from military leader with honor, to racist tyrant too fast, and honestly I REALLY hope they don't try and do some sort of redemption thing with him in WoD.

    I'll still give him props for calling out Sylvanas, that was still one of my favorite things in Cata.

    Like to add for the people stating "your dense if you didn't know or it'll be datamined". Here's the thing. Every expansion we've known who the end boss was, just purely on the theme of the expansion. TBC, least in my opinion was a surprise when it was Kiljaden. Wrath, LK. Cata, DW. With MoP though we wouldn't have found out unless due to data-mining or of course half way through the story arc, or possibly reading Tides of War. It would have been far more interesting to go "OK yeah, makes sense why he's going to be the last boss" while playing instead of "yeah he's got a target on his back for loot."
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