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Thread: Help my healing

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    Help my healing

    Hi I have been gearing u to raid in my guild and been reading at lifeingroup5 icyveins eltist jerks and talking to a few other resto shamans I know. was doing about 19% crit 14000 spirit 60% mastery was @ about 45000 spell power but my haste was only about 19% .But when I got to thok on 10 my hps was only around 50k hps granted im raiding with 560+ plus resto shaman and 567 holy pally and me at 550 so I went to a heavy mastery with about 25% haste . haven't tried it in raid yet I can use any help with this please . you can also email me @ [email protected] will put me armory below


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    I didn't find logs of thok but I found some of your logs on other bosses on http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-6mu6yzj1w3tal9gh/

    First you're raiding with a strong holy pala. His absorbs are going to suppress your healing, especially in normals, and in addition he significantly outgears you. He can single heal some of the fights on those logs, this makes your numbers look low.

    This patch, much of our throughput is tied to healing rain. The healing we get from healing rain depends on the tactics and whether other people stand in it but still, you can improve your numbers significantly by remembering to have healing rain on the ground much more.

    Over the entire raid, chain heal did twice as healing as your healing rain. This is typically the other way around. During galakras stacked phase, you didn't have healing rain down at all. During sha of pride in which people are usually stacked all the time, chain heal did three times your healing rain.

    I think just using healing rain more often will improve your healing significantly. Another thing you can do is use unleash elements. Cast it before healing rain for a 30% boost.

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    I have been using conductivity which as you know increase time of the healing rain . so last about 40 seconds or so but yeah I do use unleash elements before casting Healing rain for the boost. usually my toughest fight is shamans for fact that can't utilize healing rain as much as I want.

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    Just from looking at your armory, your gems are all over the place. IMO you should be using:

    Red: Int + Crit
    Blue: Spirit + Crit
    Yellow: Crit

    I used to gem pure Int but I switched over to a Crit build and it has increased significantly. I lost about 500 Spirit but gained about 7% Crit.

    You should reforge:

    Haste 7613 > Crit > Spirit > Haste => Mastery

    Your gear probably isn't high enough for the 9k Haste breakpoint unless you gem for it, which I don't recommend. Haste at 7613 will give you an extra tick of Healing Rain with 5% raid spell haste buff.

    You want so much Crit because with every Crit you put out, you get mana back due to Resurgence (one of your passives).

    I would recommend dropping Glyph of Riptide for Glyph of Chaining. Chain Heal is good glyphed because it's only a 2sec cooldown. Between those two seconds you will be refreshing Earth Shield, casting Riptide, putting down Healing Rain, so the 2sec cooldown should not be a problem. Honestly you shouldn't be spamming Chain Heal the entire fight anyways, because eventually you will go OOM.

    Can't really help much more unless there are logs. Just gonna post some general tips:

    • Make sure to Unleash Elements before you Healing Rain for the 30% buff.
    • Drop Healing Stream Totem on cooldown.
    • Know the fights well enough to predict when to use cooldowns. If you sit on your cooldowns, you'll never use them.
    • Make sure to use your Fire and Earth Ele to buff your heals by 10%.
    • Keep Earth Shield up since you have 2pc (it should be up regardless, but sometimes my 2pc is my second highest heal if I have really high Earth Shield uptimes)

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