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    [Auctioneer/Auctionator] Quick question!

    Is there any efficient way to delete my auctions with these addons? I really dont want to sit and click delete 100 times to delete my auctions when they have been undercut.

    For example when I want to post a gem for example and I still have the same gem out on the AH but has been undercut, it would be so simple if I would see which gems are mine and be able to just delete the auction. I swear I was able to do this before, have this feature been removed or am I doing something wrong?

    Is there any other more efficient way to do this? Please halp.

    EDIT: A button like this that gets enabled when I click on my undercutted auctions - http://i.imgur.com/1WAhsN6.jpg
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    Blizzard require one hardware event per post or cancel so, no, at heart you cannot do what you want.

    The more efficient way you ask for is to bind a macro to your mouse wheel that uses "/click" on the relevant button. With a free spinning mouse wheel this can efficiently generate your hundred hardware events with minimal effort. Even a normal clicky wheel is pretty efficient

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    Auctionator that has that function: http://i.imgur.com/U7Wx5LP.jpg

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    @Lissa: That is what im looking for! I can swear ive had it that way before but not anymore, do you have any idea of what might be wrong?
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    Well, your interface is a lot different from mine, are you sure you have Auctionator enabled? If you do, try disabling the other auction addons you have and see if it pops up again.

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    From the looks of it you are using auctioneer and not auctionator.. That might be why

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    says auctinator right at the top....i, for one, use both....if you go to the other tab at the bottom, theres a button that says check for undercuts, if youre undercut, theres another button that says cancel auction, it will cancel every auction that you have been undercut on, but only one item "type" at a time....meaning, all your gems won be cancelled, just the ones that share the same name....but if you have 20 of the same gem up, theyll all get cancelled....


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    @darque: When i do that, it doesnt say what auctions is mine so the cancel auction button doesnt work. How do i fix this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by darque56 View Post
    says auctinator right at the top....
    Look at the screen in ops post

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    I had to reinstall the addon. I can now see my own auctions and cancel them if they are undercut.
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    Take a look at TSM.
    its complext to set up, but you can quickly scan all your auctions, see what has been undercut and use your scroll wheel to mass cancel auctions very quickly

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    auctionator have the "More..." tab, it scans for undercut auctions and you can cancel them at the end of the scan. You still have to click 1 time per auction but you can macro the cancel button and bind it to the MouseWheel (/fstack to see the button name, I can't log in now to check it :P) so you just scroll a bit and cancel all undercut auctions
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