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    Quote Originally Posted by Karnak View Post
    If he knows somebody who can provide it for free (he doesn't) then he should go there instead.
    i totally not gonna contest that right of his
    Quote Originally Posted by Murdos View Post
    If X is % better then Y, Y is bad. I hate that concept with the searing, burning unfathomable energy of a collapsing supergiant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FemaleGoblinMage View Post
    The keep asking premiums to get a piece of 3D art that other artists give for free all over the internet.

    It reached a point that I seriously devalue the value of the game itself in my brain because of this travesty. I'm sure a lot others have the same feeling. I wonder if they have done that evaluation, if their begging for money for artificial useless to progression items have a good impact on people's perception of the game in whole (if not, lords have mercy on our souls).
    There's a certain demographic of people who enjoy buying store items because they think it makes them feel special or unique.

    So what.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jevlin
    Why? Because fuck you, that's why.

    Every time you have a question that begins with "Why?" that is about what other people prefer to do with their own goddamn time, come back here, and reread the first row of this post. That will ALWAYS be the answer to your question. Have a nice day.

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    How are they begging? They aren't hindering any-ones game-play? They aren't making you buy them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Chill out. What does a mount DROPPING from a boss have to do with earned? Oh yeah, nothing with neither earned or dedication or being hardcore or casual. RNG favored you.

    And then people whine about "toxic community" - apparently they are on the forums.

    A thought on "fucking casuals" They pay 15 Euros like you and make it possible that Blizzard invests that extra time so you can have your precious HM raids. At the same time they might not even be interested in those raids and maybe only clog up the server 1 hr a day while you play 10 hrs.
    The only one of those mounts that I didn't earn when it was current was Invincible which took me over a year and a half to get after killing him nearly every week, all the others I got when they were current and you think they should be 20$ on the fucking store? 15k posts obviously didn't do much for you to learn anything, I called him a 'fucking casual' cause he wants raid mounts that many people out there have farmed for months some even years if they are unlucky to be on the store. What does it have to do with earned? Well I killed the boss didn't I? Pretty sure Rag progression and Garrosh progression hours are plenty to define them as 'earned' and of course the endless lich king kills, if RNG favored me I'd have every raid mount and never care about whether they'd be on the store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gehco View Post
    Considering that listing your mounts, and then going "Fucking casual" wouldn't even support a good discussion. Invincible is quite simple to obtain if you have the will to farm (or money to buy). The Spawn of Horridon isn't really a problem in the end either, except for finding people still wishing to do ToT for it. Blazing Drake wasn't that of a problem either - a LFR geared Blood Death Knight could solo tank 25m Madness of Deathwing (I said solo tank, no solo, of course healers and DPS around), I was declined loot, but awarded the Blazing Drake because of that. Even then, many were offering to buy it within the raid. Smoldering Egg of Millagazor still drops and can be obtained, don't have it as I never won the roll though.

    But I find myself quite casual, of course I admit, I also buy some mounts or pets from the store because I like to collect. But really, "Fucking casual" isn't really discussion value.

    Yeah, this I quite agree with.
    So go farm them at their 1% drop rate, don't try and get them on the store which undermines anyone who earned them current or farmed them afterwards.

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    Other artists are giving away mounts online for free?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivis View Post
    Congratulations. You just disqualified yourself from any serious discussion.

    Also, the Juggernaut isn't as hard to get as you maybe like to tell yourself. 300k gold will usually seal the deal.
    Nice only 400$ in gold to get it right? No biggie.

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