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    Devs watering WoD PvP down way too much

    I'm a casual PvPer, but reading all these tweets and blue posts, blogs etc about abilities being removed makes me worry about the future of PvP,

    Do others share my concerns that we're going to get to the point where it basically is a fight based on numbers only we'll just be nuking players as hard as we can to kill them before they kill us not having any control over the fight just who can hit the hardest?

    If you haven't read, they're removing all disarms, all instant CC's, reducing Pet CC, Removing Silences attached to interupts

    Interested to hear the thoughts of others

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    Perhaps for the arena players its going to be annoying but from a BG player: IM PSYCHED!

    Love fighting big long battles. BGs will feel like BGs.
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    If anything they are adding a bit more complexity to PvP.

    Since now it won't just be *pop all Cooldowns, burst down 1 person while other person is in 30secs of CC*

    Now people will actually have to think their way around how to take down opponents.

    But as usual people will scream "HURR DURR DUMBING GAME DOWNS HURR" and the like as they always do when there is any change to the game.
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    Considering I quit because CC got way too out of hand, I welcome it. The game just isn't nearly as fun when you get CC chained for 30 seconds. Granted, it takes coordination to do to someone correctly, but it really isn't all that hard. It just became a game of "Alright man, poly him when my Fear ends... alright... now cyclone... alright poly again... alright the guys dead."

    CC needs to exist in some capacity, obviously. I hope they don't overdo it, but something needs to be brought down for the health of PvP in the game. Instant CC, pet CC, an disarms are a great place to start. Silences on interrupts were just dumb, I get the entire "but I make a conscious choice to silence for 3 seconds instead of lockout for 6!" but its more like "crap, the healer juked my kick... oh well, we still got him for 3 seconds."

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    Well it just means you'll have to actually cast a CC, You still get lockouts on interupts though, so you just have to be more careful when using it, Disarms, I don't care for, I hardly ever see that actually happen, and pet CC I think is a good thing too, I think it's going to make people think more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Asthreon View Post
    If anything they are adding a bit more complexity to PvP.

    Since now it won't just be *pop all Cooldowns, burst down 1 person while other person is in 30secs of CC*

    Now people will actually have to think their way around how to take down opponents.

    But as usual people will scream "HURR DURR DUMBING GAME DOWNS HURR" and the like as they always do when there is any change to the game.
    This so much. It's always the people who have no clue who yell the loudest about dumbing down the game. I for one welcome all the CC changes/nerfs etc., now the racials need to be fixed and we're cooking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkm View Post
    Perhaps for the arena players its going to be annoying but from a BG player: IM PSYCHED!
    Nope, as an arena player that literally never does BGs, I'm pretty happy about it as well.

    You can't just take things out of context, is the important part. Yes, they're reducing the CC, but with the changes to damage/health and the way the game feels it's going to be totally different.

    There are plenty of CCs still in the game, you can still Poly 3x, Fear 3x, Cyclone 3x, it just all has to be casted, the fears will be shorter, and cyclone will be mass dispellable. Even so, without a Priest on your team to MD, that's still 9 -> 4 -> 1.5 -> 6 -> 4 -> 2 -> 6 -> 4 -> 2 which is plenty of time to kill someone. But it's all stoppable. Currently you could get hit with a 9 second Poly, a 8 second Fear (plus pathing could make it even longer if you end up super far away), and then a Cyclone for 6 more seconds, and it would all be 100% instant cast and completely unavoidable. They're removing that aspect of it, which will make the game better overall.

    Nothing is more annoying than being CC'd, and seeing more CC coming at you that you can't stop. Hell, the other day in arenas I got Stormbolted, out of that I got Warrior feared, from there I was PoM sheeped, and then the NS Cloned, and I could see it coming, it was completely obvious what was going to happen, but there was virtually nothing I could do to stop it, and with it all being instant my teammates couldn't stop it either. With these changes they'll be able to interrupt the casts and things will be a lot more manageable.

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    Reducing cooldown stacking, reducing crit damage, less instant CCs and blanket silences and 6s fears all sound great.

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    I'm psyched so far. I don't know how they're changing monks though so I can't really comment yet.

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    Why did you feel the need to make a thread?

    This is cancer
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    Simpler doesn't always = worse. I like the new changes they will allow for better balance and new players will not find it so intimidating to play.

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    I agree with the devs, nobody likes a 100-0 game

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    Simply put: removing buttons will make the remaining buttons much more important!

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    I am just going to temper my expectations in the knowledge that every expansion they say that they want to reduce CC or damage or slow the pace, or whatever... then every expansion it gets worse.

    The game play will actually be more interesting I think because while they are removing "some" cc and "some" offensive abilities they are not reducing the amount of defensive abilities. If the goal is to have the healer triage system then I welcome it, but I just don't see it happening. I would love PvP to be about smart usage of your CC at the right time and not just "he is in LoS CC him for 20 seconds".

    I just don't think that the last 10 years of WoW has taught me that they can deliver on the hype that they spew to sell the expansion boxes.

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    I agree with reducing Pet CC and Removing Silences attached to interrupts but the disarms things and is not a problem. And maybe make if you use a cd to make a cc instant make that cd longer than it would normally would.

    And with fear the moving around is not really the big problem, the I am able to be damage in this while not able to do anything like a stun is the problem.
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    They're not removing all instant CC. They're removing things like NS Hex, PoM Sheep, NS Clone.

    By making more CC interruptable the game isn't being dumbed down. You have to be more careful while casting CC; you have to think about it.

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    Reducing CC and burst is only good for the pvp community, actually makes you think more about when you are going to CC and not, lolololol chain cc and pop all cds like it is now.

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    I think these changes will make PVP more fun. It's fun to 1-shot someone, but it's certainly not fun to be 1-shotted. I will most likely PVP more often when WoD releases.

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    I really like the fast pace of pvp right now. Im terrified after reading everything that its going to be very slow. That Ill need to 2v1 someone to kill them quickly in a bg even if they are a bot. But you all sound pretty confident so Im going to remain excited. I hope it all works out well.
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    Honestly the more they do to make it actual combat and not World of WatchingTimersCountdown the better.
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