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    Vanilla: Exploring the new World, I didn't care about BiS items, how haste works, why I have bad talent tree. The new world was just something overwhelming and exciting that I didn't focus on my "raid team".

    TBC: Going through the Portal to another world... I didn't know there will be another exciting thing in this game. Illidan, Kil'jaeden.

    Wrath: Arthas... Wrathgate, going to Grizzly Hills(music + that atmosphere). Ulduar - TITANS!

    Cata: A World Teared Apart + Deathwing(I wanted better boss fight, but still it's DEATHWING)

    MoP: Nothing special, I didn't have "That Moment". I'm not a hater, I just can't find anything good for me. I'm close to "Asian Theme Stuff" everyday, and this expansion is just "blah" for me because it's pseudo-Asian thing, which is annoying me. The only thing that comes to my mind is Lei Shen, he was epic.
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    Classic: (Not taking into account the first few weeks, when everywhere I went I discovered something new and awesome) The moment I bought my first mount, at level 40, with 3g to spare. I had farmed money since level 32, half of it in the Hillsbrad yeti cave, continuously looting the chest that spawned there because at some point I remembered I'd seen a blue item drop from it. Finnaly, a blue item dropped again (Tigerstrike mantle) and I sold it for 10g. I didn't buy anything between levels 32 and 40 except lvl 25 food (the 35 one was too expensive for my poor warrior). Once I got the orc wolf, I rode it to Xroads, took a few screenshots, then headed north, through Ashenvale and Felwood (remember, I was lvl 40). With a few corpse runs, I made it through the Timbermaw tunnel and eventually ended up at the entrance to Darkwhisper Gorge, from where I HS'd because the elite mobs scared me. These last two zones were completely new to me and it was a really enjoyable adventure on wolfback.

    TBC: (Not taking into account the first week or so, when I was repeatedly amazed by Hellfire Peninsula and so on, and don't remeber actually logging off to sleep) The moment I lifted of from Shadowmoon village on my epic flying mount. Yes, cliche, but the feeling of going 5 times faster than the previous flying mount was an experience I was actually not prepared for, and I proceeded to take a long tour of Outland, exploring every nook I'd missed before.
    Honorable mention: First encounter with the Fel Reaver (with no wowhead to tell me to watch out for him).

    WotLK: (Not taking into account every single moment spent exploring Northrend, especially the first two weeks) There's several memorable moments for me:
    - Getting on the Tirisfal Glades zeppelin and hearing the associated music for the first time (made the loading screen and subsequent flight from the sea to the undead settlement really enjoyable);
    - Experiencing the Storm Peaks storyline (first and only time I actually came home early from school to see what awaits on the other end of the Brunhildar village mines);
    - Soloing TBC heroics on my prot pala (the t9 gear I had at the time made MGT hc really fun, Kael required me to use absolutely all the tools at my disposal to beat him);
    - Fighting a 35min duel in AV against a prot warrior on my holy pala, again requiring me to use almost all abilities to beat him (pulled him towards the harpy cave).

    Cataclysm: Experiencing the numerous and often gamebreaking quest bugs in Vash'jir during the first few days... no wait... Can't think of an actual defining moment, but I had the most fun when:
    - I did the southern barrens revamped questlines (you must have done them on both factions to understand why, preferably horde first);
    - I did ZA/ZG the first few times, before they became stale and torturous (still my favorite 5mans to date, especially ZG);
    Honorable mention: Helping some guildies beat Cho'gall. I don't raid usually, so I guess that can qualify as memorable.

    MoP: Fighting General Nazgrim, favorite character in this expansion. After killing him for the first time, I went back to Grizzly hills to see his old self again, whose name I hadn't noticed before (great shame on me for that).
    Honorable mention: Discovering retribution pala has been improved upon greatly after the horrors that Cataclysm had done to that spec.
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    TBC - Meeting my best friend in Halaa, we was both fooling around fighting off like 10 horde. Been friends ever since, spoke every day and send each other presents on birthdays and christmas (she lives in finland, i live in England, hopefully meeting this or next year)

    Wrath - Finally killing Lich King, IT FELT SO GOOD.

    Cata - Don't have one ( didn't play much )

    MoP - Finding a guild that i love to bits and making so many friends & raiding with them

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    Vanilla: simply finding out how huge the world was upon logging in the first time. I knew it took place over both EK and Kalimdor, and I was familiar with the setting from the RTS games, but it was a shock to open the map and zoom out twice to see everything. I also remember getting my first mount at 40 and how anxious I was to have enough gold. I ended up logging on my different level 10-20s alts and sent every copper and silver I had to my main. I bought the black horse from the Menethil Harbour vendor.

    TBC: doing arenas with my cousin. The first time we tried he came to my place so we could play side by side. We were both excited and scared at the prospect of failing spectacularly. We were both terrible but it was fun. I also remember staying up until 2 AM finishing Sunken Temple with him on alts. That probably sounds ordinary to some of you, but I never played that late. I reckon going through the bloody thing took us the better part of the evening and night, what with all the grouping problems we had.

    WotLK: this one is a bit silly, but one of my best memories is leveling a paladin alt in Howling Fjord along with a friend's shaman right before going away on a skiing trip during the semester break at university. Howling Fjord is one of my favourite zones in the game, and even after all these years it retains a certain aura of mystery.

    Cata: honestly none, I didn't really like this one.

    MoP: questing in Valley of the Four Winds and following Chen around. I felt like a real traveller helping out the locals.

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    TBC Killing Kil'Jaeden was one of the most epic experiences i had in this game

    Wrath Sarth 3d was a very epic our guild screamed pretty loud when we killed it

    Cata the first few weeks of this expansion where some of the best so many noobs crying how hard the 5 mans where lol

    Pandaland i never got into this X-pack . i was not really a daily guy so i quit the first week. i have recently tried to get back in the game but i cant get any to any good guild without that legendary cloak so i am waiting for WoD

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    I so enjoyed Vanilla that I spent a lot of time just exploring. I loved everything about WOW.

    Burning Crusade, my moment was going through the portal and exploring Hellfire Peninsula. It felt like a harsh, brutal,nightmarish land! I liked how the ground was uneven and at an angle. I really felt like I had landed on another planet! So much variety in each zone! I loved the peace of Nagrand after so much brutality in outland. So much good stuff in BC..I could go on for a while about it.

    Wrath had many moments I enjoyed, but I really liked the Nordic theme throughout Northrend. I loved the way the Vrykul Houses looked.

    In Cata, I absolutely loved the Wildhammer Dwarf and DragonMaw Orc Questlines in the Twighlight Highlands.
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    TBC: 5 man heroic dungeons, loved 'em and spent alot of my time running them. Karazhan and everything about it, the atmoshpohere, the music. I just love the haunted mansion theme. Finally defeating the Illidari council in BT after many many wipes, and walking up the ramp with Akarma to listen to Illidan's infamous "You are not prepared" speech. Epic stuff!

    Wrath: 25 man raiding and ICC. Infact everything about the Lich King, a boss I really wanted dead. Not had that feeling about any boss since.

    Cata: The Cho'gal fight as resto Shaman in mostly blue dungeon gear. Great fight as a healer, really learnt the importance of conserving mana. I enjoyed the firelands patch, the raid might have been a bit small but was still well done, and the hyjal dailies were great also. As for DS, the only thing I enjoyed was spine heroic as healer. Very demanding fight, pushed our guild to the limit.

    MoP: Been a good expansion overall, even though I've hardly raided on a serious level. Kanrethad and the green fire quest chain sticks out the most to me. Awesome boss fight, took me many many wipes to down the bastard >.<. At the time I thought Blizz were really onto something with solo scenarios, but I've not been impressed with anything since.

    Enjoyed PvP in all expansions except for MoP. CC is out of control. I'll be happy when they get rid of ability bloat and tone down CC. Simpler is better!

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    I could tell 50 things about TBC but nothing after that.

    Me as horde travelling all the way from Thunderbluff to Stormwind on foot to trade some gold with my human irl best friend counts as a highlight though. I kid you not, I kept corpsewalking over the sea..and I was baffled after 3 days of travelling (8 hours in total maybe...could be a lot more) when a guard at goldshire killed me. Biggest effort I ever did in WoW for 50 silver...that I never received.

    The world of warcraft truely was a magical place being total clueless, I didn't found out about buying new spells untill level 24 and didn't know I had to feed my pet untill level 30. I kept wondering why my bear kept running off and leaving me. :<

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    Vanilla: I'll never forget the hostility between Alliance and Horde on Uldum, before patch 1.12 introduced xrealm pvp. The open world pvp at The Crossroads, and Tarren Mill was legendary, and our WSG and AVs could go on forever. On the pve side, the molten giants at the entrance of MC were a massive cockblock for so many, until late in vanilla, and for some reason if I'm ever questing in Stonetalon Mountains, I have to have chips and salsa, it's just tradition.

    BC: That freaking sky was incredible, especially when I upgraded to a flatscreen monitor, and saw it in all its vividness. This xpac forced you to earn your way into end game content, and grind several different reputations, AS IT SHOULD BE. I'll never forget the awesomeness that was Karazhan, or beating Gruul for the first time.

    WOTLK: ICC and T10 gear. Great content. Great continent. Great everything.

    Cata: hmmmm......

    MoP: ummm..........

    ^^ and there in lies the problem with the game.
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    My memories of vanilla mostly revolve around fighting in Un'goro and AV.

    Day one of TBC I remember seeing my fellow Hunters returning to Hellfire with things like Sporebats and Nether Rays from Zangarmash and being unreasonably excited by the prospect of venturing further into Outland. Hellfire didn't do it for me really but Zangarmarsh and its wildlife are still dear to me. I still treasure Matango, my blue sporebat, who I tamed waaaay back then but never got to use because they had crappy caster stats at the time.

    WotLK gave us more story driven quests and I really enjoyed fighting alongside Bolvar in Dragonblight. And additionally running the attack on Undercity questline in vengeance of those who died at the Wrath Gate. I'm still sad that quest was removed since it was really neat. The cutscene at the gate was really cool at the time too.

    Cata I remember mostly as a purgatory in which I put my character on auto-fly forward and dug up archaeology sites. This is the only expansion that I quit during.

    MoP I associate mostly with Wrathion and the Celestials. I think my most outstanding gameplay memory was the torrent of hate I received while ganking for my bloody coin pet/mount.

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    Classic: Entering the game while being a total noob, killing Ragnaros and Deathing as 39 other players scream in joy in Vent.
    Burning Crusade: Going through the portal, starting a Draeinei/Blood Elf character, seeing Nagrand, going to a heroic dungeon for the first time
    Wotlk: talking to the Lich King as a brand new Death Knight, riding the boat to Howling Fjord as Alliance, getting to Dalaran for the first time
    Cataclysm: Goblin starting area (still my favorite to this day), the questing was great, teaming up with Illidan at the well of eternity
    Mists: Rikko, Brawler's Arena and not much else tbh

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    vanilla: awakening at deathknell with my first toon ( forsaken warrior ) still at my account and patiently waiting.

    tbc: one of the biggest open world pvp ( if not the biggest eu ) at elemental plateau - nagrand / grim batol eu. everything started with my bane Tossu, a draenei hunter attacking me. i killed him, he then killed me, some others involved and that chain reaction reached to a point where server crashed because of hundreds if not thousands of alliance and horde players were battling there. ground was literally white because of all those skeletons. i wish blizzard implements something / anything to bring those moments back.

    wotlk: did not play when it was current content.

    cataclysm: deathwing encounter at tanaris, when i was trying to figure out what is archaelogy. didn't end well as you can imagine, since i ''stood in the fire'' hehe

    mop: there is no ''that moment'' as of now but killing garrosh 10 man normal was a huge relief. i wonder if heroic will make me feel the same.

    quick edit: forgot to mention, another close one to ''that moment'' was when i kill Kanrethad (green fire end boss). i was literally shaking with a mixture of blues - 476 lfr gear and like 100 hp left.
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    TBC: Everything being new. The Ring of Blood. The Teron Gorefiend quest in Shadowmoon. Doing the Swift Flight Form questchain, and fighting Anzu the first time. The Codex of Rumination questchain in Shadowmoon. Reaching Prince Malchezaar for the first time.

    WotLK: Getting into raiding. The quest in the Death Knight starting zone where you get to ride a Frost Wyrm. The Battle for Light's Hope. The Mattias Lehrner chain in Icecrown. Wrathgate and Battle for Undercity. The ending of Thorim's questchain. Killing the Lich King.

    Cata: Vashj'ir (the atmosphere and story, I really wish they would have concluded it). Doing the legendary quest in Firelands (even tough I never finished it). The ending of Rhea's questchain in the Badlands. Fighting Deathwing (mechanics aside).

    MoP: The ending of Jade Forest and Valley of Four Winds. The Shado-pan questchain in Winter's Blossom in Kun-lai, continuing in Townlong. Killing the Sha of Hatred at the end of Townlong (especially because of the ending of previously mentioned questchain). The final quests for the Klaxxi, Golden Lotus and Shado-pan. The Purge of Dalaran and the ending to the Divine Bell questchain. Killing the Thunder King. The final story in the Seat of Wisdom when you complete the legendary cloak. The quest in the Vale after defeating Garrosh. Defeating Garrosh will be on the list when I manage to get him down on Normal.
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    Vanilla: Stepping into Ironforge for my first time on my gnome mage. Jesus christ I want to cry just remembering that moment.

    BC: Getting ganked by 4 bear bombers as I stepped into that portal, my god.

    WoTLK: Seeing ICC while questing.

    Cataclysm: Getting killed by Deathwing just cruising on my mechanostrider.

    MOP: Killing my first rare mob spawn in Jade Forest.

    This game gives me so many memories, but that Ironforge memory,

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    I would also add two moments from TBC that also stand out as a memory.

    I remember when I was still precipitant into the paladin ways, but was decided to go the path of retribution against all the odds, and in my first raid ever in Karazhan in a casual guild, the trash mobs dropped a cloak that game +holy damage. Was a somewhat useless piece, but at the moment felt really special as everyone congratulated me on taking an epic kind-of-class item.

    Another thing is, when I was already a ret master, in tier6 high end raiding guild, I remember the best thing a ret paladin had: and that was a windfury totem by a fellow engancement shaman. I've had that moment once, that I did like 1400 dps for the first two minutes of the fight, getting repetitive WF and SOC procs and doing double the dps of the rest of the group, really standing out on recount. Seeing the top of recount being in pink, and knowing that everyone else sees it made it an unforgettable moment, and probably changed the perception of the skeptic guildies about ret.

    When having our enh shaman not appearing in some raid, and having him log in a bit later and taken into the raid, man how relieved I was. Ret without WF was indeed terrible.

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    vanilla: awakening at deathknell with my first toon ( forsaken warrior ) still at my account and patiently waiting.

    tbc: one of the biggest open world pvp ( if not the biggest eu ) at elemental plateau - nagrand / grim batol eu. everything started with my bane Tossu, a draenei hunter attacking me. i killed him, he then killed me, some others involved and that chain reaction reached to a point where server crashed because of hundreds if not thousands of alliance and horde players were battling there. ground was literally white because of all those skeletons. i wish blizzard implements something / anything to bring those moments back.
    I remember having similar pvp experience at the Elemental Plateau, but not that huge. Must have been a real epic experience. Farming for raids was actually a must do for serious players, and crossfaction conflicts were common. Damn rogues. Motes of shadow for Mother Shahraz encounter shadow res gear!

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    Vanilla: Hiding in a bush next to the road when a pvp-flagged horde shammy comes riding on his mount (I was around lev 20). He must wondered what retard I was, thinking that neither me, my pet or my freaking nameplate would show.. COZ I WAS IN A BUSH!

    TBC: Lady Vashj kill, everyone dead except a holypriest that managed to get the killing blow with a Smite... was more TS-noise at this point than our first Raggy-kill.

    Wrath: Must be our first LK kill when our 2nd tank died with 20:ish percent left on the boss and I was kiting him (was a pally-tank at this point) back and forth on the platform to avoid getting hit by his evil attacks and trying to dodge those flying spirit-thingis.. and LK eventually died with 3-4 of us standing!

    Cata: was unsubbed after dinging cap, horrible expansion imo.. I dont have a single nice memory of this except how fast I leveled mining in Hyjal (which was kinda nice).

    MOP: More or less afk during this expansion too as my whole guild is gone and it's only me and my GF playing now... just roam around, LFRing (please kill me!) and stashing up gold for .. well.. i dunno.. fun?..

    I long for WOD, I think that might be when I "feel" WoW again.. haven't had that spark since Wrath! :/
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    I started mid BC (Dec 2007)

    BC: first time in Shattrath, got portaled there at like lvl 22... totally WOW experience (it was packed)... I ran around for an hour or two, even got killed by a BOSS wolf because I snuck out a bit too far. Getting flying mount for the first time, then when I got Fast Flight Form for my Druid the old/hard way.

    WOTLK: Taming Loque-nahak (sp?) (got lucky, he was there waiting the first time I went to look at lvl 76) and was still the only spirit beast I think? Watching DK's solo all the elites... way to OP back then

    Cataclysm: the cinematics, and seeing Deepholm the first time with Aggra.

    MoP: Sha of Anger, and yeah the end quest in Jade Forest was cool too.

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