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    When WoD comes, will they raise the level boost to lvl100?

    Please say: They dont.

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    No in fact it was going to be released with WoD, but they released it early to go with the pre-order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aullahh View Post
    Please say: They dont.
    Maybe at the very end so people can prepare for the next expansion...

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    Doubtful, they want you to experience the new content.

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    No, but it wouldn't be a bad thing if they did it after the first raid tier/PvP season.

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    No, they won't at release or for a good long while afterwards.
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    No, not a chance.

    Getting an instant level-cap character while the expansion is current is P2W.

    Well, some might argue it is even P2W now, even if MoP is in its aftermath... Imagine the ruckus if at the launch of an expansion you could get a level-cap character!

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    They wont, lvl 90 boost has been planned for WoD not for MoP.

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    Like Kuraga said, they announced "Boost to 90" as a WoD feature. At no point was it suppose to be max level for the upcoming expansion.
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    The whole point is to prep people to PLAY from 90 - 100, not to bypass it.

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    The boost to 90 ready for WoD is so players who stopped playing at 80 or 85 can get straight into WoD content without having to level first. Some, with more money than sense, will create 90s just because they can, but there is a limit to who many you can play. I have 13 atm, 2 accounts, and 5 more to cover all classes and useful ones and professions in both factions, but no way will I buy any. If a free one comes with WoD when I purchase it I may make another monk but may well not bother - all those to get to 100 will take so long

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuragalolz View Post
    They wont, lvl 90 boost has been planned for WoD not for MoP.
    Yes. Thats why is it already in months before the xpack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aullahh View Post
    Yes. Thats why is it already in months before the xpack.
    Why would they wait for WoD if it's ready ?
    The feature was planned for WoD, it was planned so you have 10 lvl to grind before getting to max lvl, they figured out that they could implement it earlier and did it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aullahh View Post
    Please say: They dont.
    No. The point is to get people to the Wod content as soon as possible.

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    No, the point of the boost feature is to allow new players to more easily get into the game. At this point, if you're new to WoW, it's a pretty demoralizing to want to play the shiny new stuff, but have to trudge through 9 years worth of old content that most players don't care about anymore.

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    No it'll be to 100 when its the final tier of xpac, they did it early so they could save some subs

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    I honestly think they will rethink their decision and remove that whole shameful deal at once.

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    Does not matter? There is that service already but just 3rd party. Just pay someone to level the toon and be done with it. Why waste time leveling in any capacity when end game is where it's at.

    Pay for convenience. Pay to save time. It's almost too good to be true.

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