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    Would you pay for $10 for one boosted profession?

    If they're going to have boosted 90's, then might as well be able to buy professions a'la carte.

    Whenever I level a toon I don't start leveling a profession till I'm at max level. I'm sure alot of others are like that too. Would you pay say... $10 per boosted profession? To be honest, I can't see Blizz NOT implementing this soon.

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    Stop giving them ideas.

    OT, no I would not.

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    I don't see why they should charge for it, they should just have an in-game mechanic that lets players jump in terms of profession level. They could even make it fun in terms of gameplay, craft one item with a lot of ingredients some that can be hard to find and you are boosted or something like that. No point to charging for it. The same for levels.

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    No. It's not hard to get gold and buy all the mats and it's not hard to farm the mats yourself. But I can see people paying to get max professions.

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    I'd pay to have them jumped to 525 or 600. Leatherworking and Blacksmithing is all I have left to level and LW is painful.

    It is really one of the ideas behind micro transactions. You can level the profession yourself and spend no money, or you can pay for convenience.
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    Depends on the profession, also depends on my mood on that particular day.
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    Nah, I usually spend 10k to buy the "profession kit 1-600" and level it in 2 hours (all thoose crafts are the only thing that takes time).

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    Veteran bonus already boosts both your professions to level 600 + first aid to 600. If its under 30 dollars, you can think of it as being a 10$ boost to 3 professions when you buy a level 90 character. You cannot do this on a character already level 90 or higher.

    But in general, I am against boosted professions for actual money.
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    To me it's a mixed bag...

    The good, well obviously can skip the boring parts of a profession, personally Blizzard should go back and change the old school items to craft. Make it more engaging to level up professions while leveling a character, since as it stands dungeons, quests, and even the bag you get for completing dungeons at low levels are more rewarding.

    The bad would be it would hurt the economy a little. If people don't need X/Y/Z materials anymore to level up, means that stuff won't sell. Obviously this isn't saying that EVERYONE will go out and pay for a profession upgrade, but just something to think about.

    Truly it wouldn't bother me much other then it possibly effecting the economy, other then that, go for it. If people want to dish out money to do it, by all means, go for it. Truly it's not hard to level professions since there's so many guides on how to get there quickly.

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    Yeah, you know what I would do? I would get the extra slots from PRE-Ordering Diablo 3 expansion.

    After that I would follow these steps.
    . Step 1 - Buy 13? level 90s. Take my money Blizzard.
    . Step 2 - Buy 2x Proffesions for every 13 character - Each with Alchemy and a other proffesion with a craftable daily. So that's 26 Proffesion buys.
    . Step 3 - All dat gold at first day of a expansion.
    . Step 4 - Buy transmog all the companions and transmogs.
    . Goal - Watch all them tears from people crying how buying 90s and boosted proffesion is "cheating/pay2win".

    Ahh dat face I would make..


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    Nah the profession thing actually hurts the economy. That's why.

    But on a side note.. why don't we just take all the game out of the game and just stand there and have dead bodies fall infront of our characters with loot on it
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    too expensive.

    professions are too easy, and differently from levels, they don't create entry barriers. you can be level 0 at engineering, and you'll still be able to play with your max level friends if your toon is max level too.
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    Definitely, but as much as I support level 90 boosts I think this would be a very bad idea. The problem this would cause is all in-game crafting materials dropping in price along with possibly more side effects. That is something that would alter the game too much and isn't something I support.
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    No, this obsession with the store is getting ridiculous. I don't pay extra to not play a game I'm already paying for.
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    I wouldn't, but I wouldn't care if someone else wants to actually waste their own real money doing something that isn't difficult or time consuming.
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    I know I may be going to extremes, but what's the point of playing games when you can pay to skip the content they offer. It may sound great at first when you've done that content for the hundredth time, but the more options to skip the content we get, the less we find ourselves actually playing the game.
    Let's say they allow you to pay to skip everything that you find boring in the game. How much of the game would you really play then?

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    No I would not.
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    Agreed with this. Sam has done nothing, made millions, and now is being a diva? How about you go earn your spot in the NFL for once.

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    Yes Yes Yes! I would buy max professions for every new character I make.

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    The second they do this it becomes Pay to win.

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    I wouldn't but i'm not sure wether it's a good or a bad idea.
    I mean, it's true professions are nothing but a stupid grind. But some of them offer stats advantage, so I think it's too close to a P2W model to allow that.
    Also, it might destroy WoW's economy, since it is mainly based on the fact that not everyone has a max lvl profession.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raego View Post
    I know I may be going to extremes, but what's the point of playing games when you can pay to skip the content they offer. It may sound great at first when you've done that content for the hundredth time, but the more options to skip the content we get, the less we find ourselves actually playing the game.
    Let's say they allow you to pay to skip everything that you find boring in the game. How much of the game would you really play then?
    Simply because it's bad content, because it's a waste of time. That kind of shitty grind used to be one of the reasons why WoW was a time-eating game and is still time-eating (On a lesser scale).
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