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    This is great! Atleast this will prevent all the kids from buying new chars here and there

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    worth slightly more than a current expansion? jesus nope.

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    Good price. So not everyone just buy everything.

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    Wow, shocked. Imo its so expensive. In reality every item they add to a cash shop devalues the game and decreases its longevity - although thats probably why they are doing it, wow is an old lady now, might aswell milk the last few years.

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    This is because its still cheaper than buying WoD on a second account to get a free 90

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    It's a high price personally, but at least it will cut back slightly on all the baddies using it for an easy win.

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    It's funny people complain for a service that's quite Pointless for their main. No one forces you to use it and those who want to come back to the game would appreciate it (if they have the money) The price is fine to keep the multiselling/spamming 90's. I would never plan to use it but making a fuss for adding it then complain about the price (some people here with their posts prove not to have a stable opinion) is just a joke.

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    Perfectly reasonable price point. It costs $30 to change ur damn race, what did you expect? 1-90 takes a week of my time at the very least... I'd pay this if I really wanted a lvl 90 of something.

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    fuck them. 60 is waaay too much. guess i'll cancel until it's lowered.

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    60$ is a lot, but I don't think it should be cheap enough for everyone to just buy level 90s. I think this was a smart decision by Blizzard.

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    they did this on purpose to get peoples reactions about pricing

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    Its was known to be expensive, so people didn't abuse the system & would rather level than pay. I rather level than pay. But I'm glad it wasn't cheap. Prbly will never use it.

    Now I wait to see what Shudder has to say about this .

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    Wow. No thanks. I'd rather just spend the two days it takes to hit 90. Kotick can FOAD.

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    This is just slightly more pricey than a faction+server transfer. As a friend to friend catch up mechanism, this sounds fair.

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    Considering the amount of games I can buy on steam during a sale, I'll pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by derpkitteh View Post
    fuck them. 60 is waaay too much. guess i'll cancel until it's lowered.
    Goodbye, don't let the door hit you on the way out...

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    That's a f****** disgrace.

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    Lol that's a lot more than I was expecting. Absolute rip-off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by derpkitteh View Post
    fuck them. 60 is waaay too much. guess i'll cancel until it's lowered.
    LOL, please do.

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