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    1.Heavenly Gold Cloud Serpent
    2. Onyxian Drake
    3. Ashes of A'lar

    I use these most often

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    1. Sandstone Drake
    2. Mechano-Hog
    3. Reins of the Azure Water Strider

    I love the "utility" mounts.

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    I'll only cover the ones I do have.

    1) Vitreous Stone Drake - I love the colour scheme and the look. :3 Still looks good in Shadowform
    2) Winged Guardian - I know it's store bought. But it's just so pretty! Plus it looks especially damn good when you're a scythe wielding Shadow Priest in T6.
    3) Headless Horseman's Mount - It's a flying horse. That's on fire. What's more to like? Scythe wielding purple T6 Priests look fine on it too.

    Ground only
    1) White Polar Bear - I just like it. Love of the Northern Lights book (Golden Compass) does not come into it.
    2) Quel'dorei Steed - I only ever get to see this mount in its Sunreaver Hawkstrider form usually (mostly play Horde). But I know I'm really riding a unicorn.
    3) Kor'kron War Wolf - RAWR! Liking a lot of the newer mounts based on the older mounts.

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    Don't have:
    1. Invincible
    2. Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent
    3. Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent

    Do have:
    1. Sky Golem
    2. Ashes of Al'ar
    3. Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent
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    1. Zulian Tiger
    2. Azure Drake
    3. Headless Horseman's Mount

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    1. Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent
    2. Drake of the South Winds
    3. Mimiron's head

    Have none of them :'(

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    1. Invincible
    2. Enchanted Fey Dragon
    3. Obsidian Nightwing

    While I do love its looks, Obsidian Nightwing earned top three more for its utility. It's a ground AND a flying mount, it's a passenger mount and I dual box frequently, and it's compact so if you're farming mats, you don't have a huge mount/wings in your way.

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    green netherdrake
    blue dragon hawk
    experiment 12-B .. tho i don't have this one

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    The tiger you get from 100 arena wins/40 rbg wins as alliance, even if i don't have it.
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    Well, if we can include mounts we don't have, the choice would be simple for me:
    1. Black Qiraj Drone
    2. Black Qiraj Drone
    3. Black Qiraj Drone

    Always was a HUGE fan of the drone mounts - the only reason why I don't rank the Archaeo mount higher than 3 is because I don't really like the blue color.

    Quote Originally Posted by Akkoron View Post
    I was never able to understand the hype for the ashes of alar.
    It really is a matter of personal taste. I never understood why so many people want Mimiron's head for example, because I think it's one of the ugliest mounts ingame right now.
    The same is true for the Sky Golem and every 'completely over the top giant'-dragon.
    Ashes of Al'ar, in my opinion, just has the perfect size for a mount. But since I don't really like burning things, I'm sticking to my Pandaren Phoenix.

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    1. Amani Dragonhawk
    2. Armored Razzashi Raptor
    3. Sky Golem

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    I'm all about mount utility so...

    1. Traveler's Tundra Mammoth
    2. Azure Water Strider
    3. Spawn of Galakras

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    1. Cobalt Riding Talbuk
    2. Silver Riding Talbuk
    3. Tan Riding Talbuk

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    Only mentioning the mounts I own.

    1. Fossilized Raptor. I didn't see anyone else saying this, which is strange in my opinion, because damn, it's a moving raptor skeleton! How can something be more awesome than that?
    2. Headless Horseman's Mount. One of the best flying mounts.
    3. Probably Raven Lord. It's cool and I recently got it after farming it for years.

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    Ashes of A'lar
    White War Talbuk
    Invincible - Don't have yet.

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    Sunreavers Dragonhawk (easily my favorite), Black War Bear, and Raven Lord

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    1.)Violet Proto-drake
    2.)Sandstone Drake
    3.) Rivendare's Deathcharger

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    Invincible ... I just want this mount. I don't care about other mounts, I just want this one ... would start from 0 again if I could just have it ... damn!

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    Headless, headless and headless.
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    My absolute favorite mount is the sea turtle. After that, I just pick whichever ones look the coolest that go with my toon's gear.

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