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    We didn't get it done, but it felt like we progressed as the night wore on.

    Main thing was one of our Hunters had a hard time getting the belt down on his own. It's an issue with his reaction skills, not being where they need to be. I'll be sending him some help this week.

    After going through our logs a couple of things jumped out at me...

    Random raiders were taking damage from things they shouldn't have been (ie; death from above, shredder blades and laser beams), but it's nothing we can't get squared away with another night. One of our tanks was having issues killing his add quickly enough, so we were getting too many overloads. Talked to him the day after and we'll make the adjustments for this week's attempts. Overall it felt good for the most part. The fight actually felt pretty easy, for me at least. Just of matter of reacting quickly enough to a predictable situation...

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    Keep working at it!! you will get it.

    Hope to hear you downed him soon Cheers

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    Done deal. 36 pulls, but he's dead. Just barely. Lol

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    Goodjob on getting the kill i guess...

    But WOW - looking at that video, it hurt. I main prot pally and seeing the constant back peddle just burns. is that a CLC (or w.e the name is) too? o,O...
    I really feel sorry for how Paragons and Garrosh are going to go. I know you said "not your average raiders" but i wouldnt expect someone like that to do Flex, that alone normal.

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    Been reading Theck's blog for a couple of years. He uses CLCprot and recommends it. If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me... I'm sure I could have run though Death from Above and then swung back around, but I didn't... Not sure what the big deal is.

    I always get a kick out of guys who cover up for their own insecurities by criticizing others for silly things. I'm always willing to listen when someone has constructive criticism, but if I had a penny for every "know it all" tank I've met in the last 5 years I'd bee rich.


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