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    Lightbulb Level 99 Scenarios on live servers for short period of time... (image)

    This is not mine, just found it on reddit. credit to WorldofCatcraft on reddit...

    "For a short time today on the live servers, some level 99 scenarios were available."

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    I thought the Crafty Test scenario was already live?

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    Test scenarios, temple of kotmogu as scen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by megabeat View Post
    Test scenarios, temple of kotmogu as scen?
    They might be just a placeholder names.

    Anyway, I haven't seen list of scenarios in a long while. Were there always 2 Theramore's Fall on the list ?
    And why those new scenarios are level 99 and not 100 ?
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    PS = Personal Scenario?

    Would fit with the 'testing' Warlocks did for Fel Fire and in-line with Blizzard statements.

    I quite enjoyed the Trove of The Thunder King one, nice easy gold to boot!

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    That happened on the PTR as well. It's not that big of a deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rad586 View Post
    And why those new scenarios are level 99 and not 100 ?
    I don't know much about coding, but it might just be that they coded it to be a two-digit number and that they just haven't gotten around to making it three-digit.
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    Looks like MoP test stuff not WoD stuff. They probs just make it 99 so you can't (usually) see them.

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    They've been there for a while I believe, just usually hidden.
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    that UI makes my eyes hurt

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