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    I usually start with the shoulders and base the mog around them, I'm sure a lot of people do the same.
    Same here. Shoulders are just the piece that stands out the most.
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    I like my cm set and a few other older DK tier sets. But, lately I've stuck to CM Set and my eye patch. I'm using the normal slicer from DS but I run it on heroic a lot trying to get the purple one. I'd love that or the arch sword. I have que'dar or whatever but I really dont like how small and common it is.
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    I'm pretty much easy to satisfy with transmog:

    Tier6 and done - all my chars wear theirs and I'm happy with it. For Weapons I mostly use weapons from Vanilla (melee) or TBC (like my priest has Apostle of Argus

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    If I have a theme, for example "Scarlet Crusade", I use Mogit to go through red, white and golden pieces to match them. Shoulders are often the most visible piece on your gear, which makes it a good place to start.

    Mogit is so good that you don't even know much about existing armor, just browse instant previews on your character.
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    As others have said, I generally base it off of the shoulders.

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    No set rules, but it usually stats with head or shoulders.

    Loved the VP Helm for platewearer in Dragonsoul, so I started from there. Loved the look of Swiftsteel shoulders, so went from there.
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    Depends, sometimes I just mess with Mogit or get a vibe for some theme and try to find something for it.

    Usually I start with a robe.

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