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    I think MMO C has some spyware pop-up problems

    Whenever I leave a tab open on MMO Champion I get a new tab opening on its own every now and then with adds like asian beauties, free online games, message to update my Firefox/Flash version (fake, but they look real). I never get this on any other website, and I scanned my PC with the programs mentioned below, it's clean.

    I have the latest Firefox version, Avast AntiVirus, MalwareBytes with Website Blocking option turned on, Windows 7 with latest updates and Firewall/Windows Defender turned on.

    Like today I went to eat breakfast and watch TV, I came back an hour later I had 6 new tabs up, all with random adds and update messages.

    Sometimes when I look at my MMO Champion tabs they do the refresh animation as if something is refreshing them even though I'm not.
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    Absolutely nothing we can do without actual details.


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    Yea, I'm getting the same thing OP.
    In fact, I've noticed two types of strange behavior from MMO lately:

    1. If you leave MMOChamp open for any extended period of time, you get a pop up for "Asian beauties'.
    2. When the cursor is nowhere neat an ad and not moving, you will hear an add start up, stop, start up, cut out again.

    Not sure if this is related to the IE11 update or what for item 2. Item 1 is definitely a bit more disconcerting.

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    Can you install Ghostery for Firefox and check/uncheck these one by one, if they're the same 11 as mine? Alternatively, try NoScript and AdBlock if you dislike asian beauties.

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    Woot I will have to try this I had issues last night with MMO saying malware I was like wtf

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    Quote Originally Posted by fungisfeer View Post
    Woot I will have to try this I had issues last night with MMO saying malware I was like wtf
    You should probably have the same 11 items as me

    Other ways to protect and inspect your browser and habits is via Firebug (press F12) - opens up inspection tab, and you can even view the pages in 3D layers
    or via Lightbeam

    and inspect each link if you're unsure.
    On top of antivirus and firewall.

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    Though I don't have any details, I've had a number of popups/redirect ads targetting my mobile devices (both Android) specifically. They're of the "Your mobile device is out of RAM, click here for a free scan" variety. I'll try to get more details the next time it happens, but the redirect ads are tricky since they hijack the page. They don't kick in immediately though, but redirect you after maybe 30s to a minute after the page has loaded.

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    On a different note, I think those 11 ad/trackers/beacons is the most I've seen on the sites I visit the most...

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    Well what kind of details are required?

    I have the same issue not with asian beauties but with stupid Free to Play stuff. And this is while I am on my PC. When I am on my iPhone4 and on mmochampion, I get redirected to my iphoneshop to buy stuff + a new page gets added aside from mmochampion. My phone cannot open this page because the address is invalid or something.

    But it is clear to me that mmochampion has issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargur View Post
    Can you install Ghostery for Firefox and check/uncheck these one by one, if they're the same 11 as mine? Alternatively, try NoScript and AdBlock if you dislike asian beauties.
    This just works PERFECT thanks so much.

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    Here is the latest one I'm getting. Happens when I'm just sitting on the home page. Had three of this same pop up open and MMO was the only thing open at the time. Only happens with MMO open and when it is sitting. I use IE11 with pop up blocker and McAfee enabled.

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    For about two month there is indeed some sort of spyware on mmo. If you open up mmochampion either your app store opens with a random app or a popup with the source http://ib.adnxs.com shows up. This happens frequently and is really annoying.

    Please FIX this issue ASAP!

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    I'm getting the same sort of stuff on Chrome. My phone runs it... well, it's not meant
    for mobile, so it runs it annoyingly, but no pop-ups issues. Glad to know it's not just
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    I have been getting that fake antivirus crap from this website recently too.

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    I use AdBlock on my PC so I haven't had and popups or what others are experiencing, however when I read the frontpage news on my Phone I constantly (every 10-20 seconds) get the usual "YOUR ANDROID HAS A VIRUS CLICK THIS TO CLEAN IT" popup. Just thought I'd share.

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    whenever i log on with my mobile phone during breaks at work, it keeps spamming me to go to the appstore and sometimes the even when i press "cancel" it still takes me to the app store, which is rather annoying.
    it spams stuff like "beat your facebooks friends score at this game"

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