View Poll Results: What race is your main Shaman character?

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  • Draenei

    72 18.05%
  • Dwarf

    37 9.27%
  • Goblin

    31 7.77%
  • Orc

    105 26.32%
  • Tauren

    40 10.03%
  • Troll

    64 16.04%
  • Pandaren (Horde)

    17 4.26%
  • Pandaren (Alliance)

    33 8.27%
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  1. #101
    Orc because you know Thrall! He's my all time favorite lore charecter in the Warcraft universe! I like Thrall more as Thrall warcheif of the horde and with his full doomhammer armor on but hes still awesome just get rid of his Go'el name

  2. #102
    Made my Shaman during wrath, and then, the only aliance race able to be a shaman were Draenei. I'm not an alter, i used to play a warrior as my main, and that male Draenei shaman became my fun character. The great Draenei animations in combination with the great class animations allowed me keep playing him at max level during wrath and cata (haven't played him in MoP), it was one of the 2 only classes i played at max level, and i believe it was the most fun to level up, i did not feeled the same with any other class... Not even with my warrior main.

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