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    The cleansed Ashbringer, which is just named Ashbringer, has never, ever been in player hands. The rumours said that you could cleanse the Corrupted Ashbringer, but they were all false.
    Well no not really. Alliance players do get a chance to hold ashbringer... in a certain obscure way. There is a quest in Howling Fjord called "Guided by Honor" where a player is tasked to retrieve a "sacred artifact" from Utgarde Catacombs. Upon returning it to the camp site, a closeby masked cleric reveals himself to be none other than Tirion Fordring himself and equips the artifact which turns out to be Ashbringer.

    So yeah people do get a hold on it for a while. I wouldnt be suprised if some serious lore junkies would get out of their way to start this quest and never finish it just to keep their hands on it in hopes blizzard might do some bizzare update to this quest where that quest item will be ashbringer with some timer on it.
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    Paladins holy avenger gives player ashbringer, does that break game integrity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    Paladins holy avenger gives player ashbringer, does that break game integrity?
    I dont think so. It's more of a neat homage of how a real ashbringer would be powerful if Paladins held it instead of summoning its image. Adleast that is how I view it.

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    Actually store would be extremely good idea for introducing retired items. It is hard to give reason for Corrupted ashbringer to drop unless they just decide to add it in Naxxramas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebane View Post
    yeah it was up yesterday on Archimonde Fr.
    Long time left to go, already 100k gold.
    I though this item was bind on equip how is it for sale? (Just curious because I have one on a server somewhere.)

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    corrupted ashbringer isn't on the bmah and never was. it was just a rumor started by some faked screenshots.

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