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    Ah, you want to remove all reasons to do old content except transmog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okay View Post
    One thing I am absolutely tired of seeing is people walking around with Firelord/dragonslayer/Fearless etc titles with skyscreamers and what not mounts and when you inspect them and see their achievements, they got it AFTER the content had passed which is completely unacceptable. If you were not able to complete the content while it was relevant then in my opinion you do not deserve to get it. To let these amazing things still be obtainable after the content has been nerfed/out-dated demotivates players to get it while it is current therefor slowly destroying the game and causing it to become more stale.

    This is the typical thought of most players who get these things- "Hmm, instead of finding a guild and actually trying to kill H Sha of Fear so I can get the amazing fearless title, I'll just wait 1 or 2 more tier until it is nerfed and the newest gear can carry me through it"

    ^^^ Things like these is what is destroying heroic raider prestige these days and it is sickening to my eyes.

    imo the meta mounts and titles should be made completely unobtainable after the tier has passed and all the battle pet and mount drops should be nerfed to >1%

    I believe this will actually motivate players to actually engage in this content while it is relevant instead of waiting until it is outdated and facerolling it therefor improving the quality of the game.
    Because of people with stupid ideas like this I had to grind firelands on all of my characters, every week just to get the Pureblood Firehawk. Fine, let it be a prestige reward BUT GIVE ME CHANCE TO BE PRESTIGE THEN. I couldn't afford paying a subscription or buying expansions and still am not. A friend overed to pay an account for me. And when I came back at the start of 5.4 I had nothing. I had to do over 100 Firelands runs to actually get the Pureblood Firehawk! That mount was everything in the game for me. And why did I have to do 100 firelands runs? Okay, you want only people who put effort into it to get it. Fine, bring time back during 4.2 times, get me an account, get me a PC able to handle Firelands without lagging, give me a month and I'll get into Firelands HC raiding and get my mount then feel free to remove it from the game completely.

    Mounts are ALREADY 1% if you haven't noticed. Invincible, Pureblood Firehawk, Mimiron's Head etc. And the battle pets also have low chance, so what's your point? Are you talking about the pets that were added to old raids? That would be stupid.

    I'm tired of all the removal of content from the game. Tons of unused weapon and armor models, tons of unused recolours of items, tons of removed content and shit. This is ABSURD. Game developer are artists, the game is their painting. Now imagine a painting that after time starts deleting certain parts of itself... that is ridiculous!

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    I don't see the point, if anything I think its GOOD for the game that old content that alot of people may be tired of can be soloed for those who either missed out, or are just plain new.

    And if you REALLY want a group for that content, do the hard slog and make one, nothing is stopping you.

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    Frankly OP, if you did that then I would quit the game. The biggest joy I get is from doing older content. I don't enjoy current raids at all. So you want me to have zero reason to do old content and try and funnel me into content I don't want to do just because it hurts you ittie biddie pride? Get off your high horse and grow the hell up.
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