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    Goldcart Carriers?

    I've been playing my monk for a while now in pvp, but carrying gold carts in Deepwind Gorge is a huge dissapointment.
    While pulling the cart, I'm not able to use Rushing Jade wind (Understandable) Roll or Tiger's Lust for speed increase.

    However a warrior can use Heroic Leap, Charge and Intervene to move faster forward.
    How is this fair?
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    I can't elaborate much on this, but Rushing Jade Wind is not a movement effect. In this case, just refer to your signature for an answer on why Warriors can do whatever they're able to do.

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    I think it's somewhat fair since warriors don't fly over the zone in less than a minute... But yea for monks they did an overkill, they should allow rolls

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    Pretty much no spell that increases speed work while pulling a cart such as cheetah for hunters and dash/travel form for druids.Displacer beast,Blink and Disengage do work however just as the warrior spells do and It's all for some type of balancing reasons because if they allowed everything teams would just chain abilities between monks and druids and cap the cart in 10 seconds and make that objective beyond trivial.
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    I dislike this as well. As druid all speed boosts don't work, but lifegrip does. Ugh.

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    I wouldn't mind if they stopped -every- movement-based ability from working including Charge and Blink.

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    It's idiotic really, if sprint doesn't work then blink shouldn't either. Etc. Means certain classes are better at it than others for no good reason.
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    The druid talent "Wild Charge" works in all forms, caster (jump to a target allies position), travel form (jump forward 10-15 meters), cat/bear (jump to an enemies position)
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