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    Hey all I know I'm not really known on the forums but I wanna see what people's opinions are.

    I normally play alliance but I want at least one horde toon. I like all the classes so it doesn't matter and I like the races (cept panda) so I'm not picky about that either. I wanna see what people think and recommend. Basically what race/class should should I play for horde.

    I know this is stupid and don't expect a lot of answers but it's worth a shot haha.

    Thanks for your time

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    About the only thing I've been able to stand playing Horde wise is Tauren, female Blood Elves, and female Forsaken. Can't stand the Orcs or Trolls at all.

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    I'm sorry but we don't allow Help Me Choose My Faction/Class/Race/Spec/Gender threads here. The choice is yours to make. We can't make it for you and there isn't anything to discuss about it.

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