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    Quote Originally Posted by Katharine View Post
    Indeed. And it's a silly argument. Silvermoon is the city I call home while raids are just something I'd run a few times and then will never set foot in again.
    If you put out a poll that asked the player base do they want another Raid or Silvermoon to be rebuilt, the vast majority would pick another raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoKPaNda View Post
    I think the idea of an LFR piece for bronze challenge mode is kind of amusing.

    My only annoyance is Ner'zhul in a 5-man. Hopefully he doesn't get shanked in the 5-man, otherwise Blizzard has such a hate on for that guy. First Arthas emos and kills Ner'zhul with his mind after Ner'zhul gave him everything he had (and took away everything he had before really.) and now he's relegated to 5-man boss duty. Oof.

    It very likely is only a first tier thing, as that was the only point where it's really a problem. Beyond the first tier if a guild is forcing their raiders to run LFR then your guild was abusing you, plain and simple.

    At launch normal 5-mans will provide you gear to make you capable of running LFR. Heroics will be close enough to LFR gear to allow you to skip LFR. LFR gear will be below normal gear, and so on.

    When the next raid patch launches there is no need to do anything at all to 5-man loot, or older LFR loot. Entry level 5-mans are obsolete and so is the gear from them, old LFR gets you gear for new LFR, old normal gets you gear for new normal, and so on. If they add new heroic 5-mans (unlikely based on past history.) then it can reward slightly better loot than the older heroics, but at that point it no longer has to compete with LFR.

    Probably the easiest way to fix all the tears about guilds forcing raiders to do LFR.
    That's great at the start of the expansion, but what about people who join up later into it? That's my situation with MoP, and I'm basically forced into this horrid LFR system if I want to gear up for raiding...because without LFR ilvls, you're going to have trouble getting into Flex groups, and without Flex it's a little tough to get geared up for Normal SoO, let alone Heroic.

    Previously, the entry level raid catchup gear was available from 5 mans + badges. That would get you ready to start performing well in Normal raids.

    Let's look at WotLK for example. When Ulduar was current content, its 10 man version was dropping ilvl 213 gear. The Heroic 5 man and badge gear was ilvl 200. You were barely behind the raiding item levels.

    When ICC was current content the 10 man version was ilvl 251; the Icecrown 5 mans were dropping 232 (only 19 lvls behind 10M raid drops), and the badge gear was ilvl 264 (same as 25M/10H drops).

    Now let's look at SoO and 5.4:

    The normal raid difficulty items are ilvl 553/559. 5 man dungeons drop only blues, max level 463. Badge gear is ilvl 522 (31-39 behind Normal raid), but it takes weeks to buy them...after which you have no VP left over to upgrade your gear. Timeless Isle is 535, but has bad stat distribution generally and no sockets...still a viable beginning towards getting raid ready. The only other avenue towards gear is LFR, and with being locked @ 1 kill per week, RNG might make it take 2-4 weeks before your character's ilevel is high enough to consistently find Flex groups. My Rogue is now finally ilvl 530 after 3 weeks of many hours playtime, and it's still hard as hell to get accepted to Flex groups...let alone find any remotely solid Normal/Heroic groups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangers58 View Post
    *sigh* be great if they stopped removing abilities every expansion to cater to the dumb dumbs
    Right because the amount of skills you can bind = skill. Sorry but I have no interest in getting carpel tunnel trying to bind 50 abilities using combos of shift/alt/ctrl. I have a Logitech G13 completely filled with abilities (not macros, straight abilities) which is 24 buttons and its not enough. There is ZERO need for that much abilities. The key to skill is having less buttons and more meaningful times to use them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dahmer View Post
    People here are actually complaining about having to do SILVER proving grounds ONCE per character to queue for heroics? I'm not happy with the change either because I think silver is too easy, we will still have people queueing that horribly fail at just about everything because they only had to beat silver.
    Yeah go figure, I thought oh noes it is gonna be hard to get silver but it isn't quite entertaining really what is even more interesting is that the achievements are account wide for that particular role, which is good for me since I am a DPS player..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikencarly View Post
    provideing grounds
    Quote Originally Posted by Arvandor View Post
    providing ground
    Am I missing something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harmann View Post
    I could not disagree more.

    I love how you list loads of way of getting gear, then say "LFR is the only way to get gear", yes it is one of the ways but not the only one, you left out Ordos and Celestial s and crafted gear.

    I like the fact that I run different content to get gear, this is much preferable to running say the same heroics over and over and over again until I vomit, the idea of an alt is to actually play the toon right?

    I do agree on one thing you say (and one thing only) I do still think the Valor vendor should still exists, I think it should sell flex level gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sainur View Post
    Fare thee well, dungeons. Fare thee well.


    What are you talking about?

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    WTF is that?
    I think some programmers just cannot handle their job at the Blizzard. One more lost sub!

    If they dare to do this "proving grounds criterion" they will kill the hc dungeons too ^^ so funny how they try to destroy everything what they build up until WOTLK. I hate proving grounds: this game is not a solo game, so cannot be a solo content a condition to play with others... They systematically kill this game. THis is a huge back step like the removing of the mass summ was... I lost two good ingame friends because of that.
    If they do this, I will not buy that WoD thing.
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    Is it the old Proving Grounds of MoP or is it a new one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siddown View Post
    I knew someone would bring up Totems.

    In TBC, most classes had dramatically less abilities than they do today. Shamans and Hunters (with both Melee and Ranged) are probably the exception. For casters, downcasting was used more in PvE than PvP.

    We could go class by class, but I think you'll find that most classes have a lot lot keybinds than they did back in TBC. Nobody says that TBC was easy mode because a Rogue had eight less abilities than they do now, now maybe there were balance issues, but the game wasn't any worse because of it.
    Eight less abilities ? We got one new in Wrath, Cata and MoP. Sure they revamped the classes and sometimes combined old abilities to new ones but i doubt that we have 8 more then back then, especially since they twice already "reduced the ability bloat" and removed a lot of flavor abilities like farsight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yriel View Post
    Eight less abilities ? We got one new in Wrath, Cata and MoP. Sure they revamped the classes and sometimes combined old abilities to new ones but i doubt that we have 8 more then back then, especially since they twice already "reduced the ability bloat" and removed a lot of flavor abilities like farsight.
    Just off the top of my head with Rogues, we have Shadow Blades, Shadow Dance, Combat Readiness, Recup, Smoke Bomb, Fan of Knives, Feint (now that it reduces damage), Redirect and Shierken/Mark for Death. That's 10 right there, and I'm sure I'm missing some.

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    who actually complained about ability bloat anyways?

    if you want to play a game that requires no thought. play a moba like league.

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