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    hitting the wall on hc spoils and changing the spec

    since we as guild (25m) hitting the wall on spoils hc i think to change my assassination spec to combat.My question is, is it worth to change to combat spec with 561 mh and 580 oh weapons instead playin assassination with 580 and 574 weapons? Tbh last time I was played combat was been in wotlk. so plz any advice or suggestion be very nice from you more exp rogues

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    I'd say "probably not" to start, especially with a 561 AoC. The better question is what strategy you're using on Spoils; if there are plenty of targets grouped up frequently where one will live long enough to combo on, "probably". If, more like ours, you only have a couple of crates open at a time, they don't quite like stacking nicely, and nothing lives particularly long, "no".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kael View Post
    I'd say "probably not" to start, especially with a 561 AoC.
    so m8 you wanna say that combat more depend on better ilvl AoC then on higher ilvl weapon when you compare to ilvls weapons for assassination spec ?

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    Having any AoC is important, of course, but a higher one is always better. When you're looking at a 19 ilevel drop, and a lower AoC, I imagine (you should probably sim it) that the assassination spec comes ahead for single target.

    As I said in the rest of my post, however, this fight is less about your normal ideal and more about how your raid handles the boss. Combat if you can maximize flurry into a beastly damage boost, not if you can't.

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    Well up until last nights spoils kill my highest parse on spoils was in Sub. It all depends on your strat like kael said. Our guild does things at a steady pace and there are rarely more than 3 mobs up at a time (i do only mogu sides) and even when there is 5+ they die instantly. Combat is great for cleaving but i find its dps comes from just Cleaving off the spawned adds rather the things that need to die ASAP (Burial Urns, Golemns, Big boss). Try sub with your weapons, just multi rupture and hemo things that will be up for a while and burst down the highest prio target.

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    The higher your raid's single target dps is, the more efficiently you will get through the fight. The more inefficient your raid is, the more you will need to depend on cleave abilities to get you through. Although some people may point to the higher combat dps values listed on raidbots... you have to realize where those numbers are coming from. As Shadohw mentioned, most of that is probably cleaving off the spawned adds. Very inefficient groups can post some insanely high dps numbers by people with cleave abilities. Those high dps numbers don't really indicate they are getting through the fight faster than other groups, and usually just indicates they are slow at killing the mantid that spawn the swarmers, the big mogu that spawn the statues, and are letting things heal too much.

    It's possible to do very well in H Spoils with any of our specs. And if your group is failing because it is being inefficient and getting overwhelmed, combat may let you get higher personal dps. However, will it be useful dps, or just padding? I doubt switching to combat is the one magical answer that gets your group through the fight.
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    I haven't seen anyone mention it yet, but use MfD on this fight. Everything resets the CD except the monks.

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    Yeah, I'd not botter to change spec. You mentioned that you haven't played Combat in a while... Changing from a comfortable spec to something you aren't used to is not optimal in most cases.

    And no, the normal 561 AoC lowers your KS CD from 120 seconds to 85 seconds while the HCWF 580 lowers to 80 seconds...
    The difference is a little higher for AR/SB, but when you put the CD reduction provided by finishers... It's still small.

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