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    Will you be playing Mage in WoD?

    Hey everyone, as the title says I'm just curious as to how many of you will be playing your mages into warlords, leveling one fresh from the start, or boosting one. Right now I do not have a mage because my old account was lost from BC when I raided as a Mage. Before warlords hits I plan on leveling a mage on the alliance side to at least 60 or above with tailoring and enchanting as professions. I will be boosting him to 90 so I can get boosted professions and be able to play him right into level 90+ content. I was just wondering if I could have a little advice on what professions and race to choose, I was planning on going gnome and being a tailor and enchanter because I have the flying mounts on other tailors and i've never really leveled enchanting before. I hear it makes great money and I definitely want those ring enchants at Max level. If anyone has any objections to those choices please post and give your opinion on why I should choose something else.

    I posted this on my phone in a rush so forgive me if there's some spelling/grammar issues.

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    I have played a warlock for the last two tiers and I am starting to miss my mage so I think I am going back to it for WoD. Right now the best professions for caster dps are tailoring and engineering. It's hard to say for WoD because I think they have said that they are redoing profession bonuses? And for race they are definitely redoing racials. Here is a link to the leaked racials. Another problem is they have also said that they want to make all stats good for each spec in some way, or at least lessen the gap.

    All that being said I think you should be fine choosing the race you want to look like. As for professions I am not sure what to choose. Most are good but tailoring and engineering are very slightly better. So you can either be safe and choose those or get what you want and hope they revamp them all.

    Sorry if this post isn't very helpful it's just hard to know what they are going to do until beta info starts coming out.
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    As we don't know the racials next expansion, we can't say what race will be best or worse. In my opinion, if you are looking at alliance, my favourite cast animations are Human Females and Draenei Females, and overall Mage looks. Professions are not significant enough to really matter too much, and we again don't know what professions will be best or worst next expansion.

    I am planning on playing my Mage again next expansion (been playing since early WotLK), unless the 90 talents are not changed. If they are not, I am planning on playing my Priest. The 90 talents are a big enough game changer for most that I suggest you try and get a 90 Mage before the expansion to see if you can stand them or not.

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    Yup! I've already signed on to continue playing mage next expansion. Dunno about the race yet. Probably will keep playing Troll.

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    I'd like to play my mage, but we will have to see what changes they make. At the moment I'd really like to play my mage but it doesn't seem worth it compared to my Ele shaman or Warlock.

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    Yes. I survived the Sunwell. I'll survive Mists of Pandaria.

    Mages forever!

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    Yes I will be playing my mage in WoD, she has been my main since forever. My paladin is my only alt and my mage will always be my highest priority when it comes to playing and leveling.

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    If they change or replace the level 90 talents and remove, replace, or change alter time I think I'd really enjoy playing my mage again.

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    For me it will be a tie up between mage or warlock. Depending on level 100 talents, the new passive ability modifier things they are introducing in WoD instead of giving us new abilities, how the classes play in general and their PvE performance at max level - because I'm one of those guys.

    Quote Originally Posted by ACES View Post
    If they change or replace the level 90 talents and remove, replace, or change alter time I think I'd really enjoy playing my mage again.
    I agree completely with this, the whole 90 talents are just boring and kinda awkward. As for alter time, it's just way to awkward for it to be fun.
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    It all comes down to how I feel from the beta. Mage has been my main since about 1/3 of the way through wrath, hunter before then. I've been playing alts like crazy lately though and sometimes I feel like I enjoy them more.

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    Either a Mage or I won't be playing. I've already quit, so... Let's just say if L90 talents aren't abolished, and I mean, COMPLETELY removed from the talents (not just tweaked to be less annoying), I won't be coming back. I'd be impressed if they also touched up on our rotations and QoL, and would definitely want to come back to try them, but not if I have to Evocate every 60s.

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    Maybe as a backup or alt but not as a main anymore. Nothing against mages but I'm just tired of DPSing. I am rerolling to resto druid with a disc as main alt.

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    Maybe. I won't be playing one if the 90 talents stay the same, that's for sure.

    I also mained a priest for a long time, and I definitely a bit of a pull to go back to it.

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    choose what prof you want - alch+inscription are pretty cheap (no skinning,mining and herbal shit ) - we still don't know how prof bonusses will look like in WoD (gems change ...)

    and i definitely will play mage - but i hope that they don't implement Focusing crystal tallent and they could rework lvl 90 talents but Invocation works for me now (automatic duration extension by some proc would be nice)

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    I left my Mage at the beginning of MoP after a month of struggling at level 90 with talents. Recently I began to raid as Mage because raid doesn't need 3 healers anymore and because I wanted to see how does it feels to play with changed talents. So with that expirience in mind I can say:
    I will play Mage in MoP if 2 things will happen:
    1) 90 level talents are gone and another maintanance buff isn't implementd
    2) ground targeting in single target rotation won't happen. I'm tired of RoP enough not use proposed Meteor and Focusing Crytal. Rather then play using only one talent I would quit the game altogether. Maybe it's a little bit illogical, but I'm really strained by expirience I got when I dinged 90 and I don't want to wait for another expantion to get fixes.
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    RoP is shit, IW wtf?, Invocation is something i can live with - still much better than it was on 5.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quetesh View Post
    RoP is shit, IW wtf?, Invocation is something i can live with - still much better than it was on 5.0
    Wrong thread?

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    My raidleader asked me this the other day as I`ve started getting decent on the warlock, and no I`m not switching mains, mages fo lyfe baby.
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    Eventually - but not even close to being among the first.

    Toss up between DK and warrior to start with
    Toss up between Priest and Pally to continue with.

    By the time I have these 4 toons up, there is my monk, warlock and probably even the rogue or druid first. Then the mage, shammy, hunter

    But really after the first 4, it could be anyone next.
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    I play both a mage and a lock and I have to admit I enjoy my mage more. Locks put a tremendous amount of dps, not that mages are lacking in that department, but locks are then flavor of the month so you see a ton of them. Since I quit serious raiding quite awhile back and took a long break I decided to play what I like regardless of DPS and all that. I have a 90 mage, lock, hunter, pally and shaman and I just play each one till I need a change. Going into the xpac I will level my mage first simply because he is a panda scribe so lots of rested xp and scribes always make a ton of gold at the start of an xpac. I know a pretty simplistic answer.

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