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    I don't like it. The name is terrible for starters (although it could just be temporary) and I don't think poison procs are reliable enough for all three specs to keep it rolling on 3 targets consistently.

    I'm just not a fan of any ability that encourages multi-dotting or one that relies on it for maximum dps output. I was hoping we'd see the end of that with WoD, but I guess not.

    I've grown so tired of the "tab, rupture, tab, rupture, tab, rupture" playstyle of the past 2 expansions; all of these council-type encounters they've been designing with multiple adds, I just find it very annoying and counterintuitive of the class.

    If I wanted to multi-dot, I would have rolled a dot class to begin with, or at least a class that could easily tab/switch targets from 40 yrds away without having to chase anything down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldkil View Post
    - lemon zest = sustained aoe
    - death from above = burst aoe
    - shadow clone = single target burst
    If they balanced these well and it worked out to be like this I'd be fine with them. It would be nice to have to make meaningful talent choices depending on the fight like other classes get to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flukz View Post
    If they balanced these well and it worked out to be like this I'd be fine with them.
    Agreed. Despite the issues i have with lemons, if they actually balance the 3 talents to work like that it would be really good to see.

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    FoK x 2-3 -> Rupture, change target, FoK x 2-3 -> Rupture

    Enjoy your energy regeneration and spam FoK for nice AoE damage.

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    What the hell is this? Talent? Ability? Why am I just now hearing about this?

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    Seems like it'd be great in AoE situations and okay in others. From a single target/PvP point of view, this seems like the least enticing of the Level 100 talents; though it certainly has the best name/Lemon Zest.

    For now at least, I still see myself taking Shadow Reflection for 99% of the time; and for AoE, Death from Above seems far more enticing, particularly when combined with FoK/CT.
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    If you dont like the multi dotting style...well thats why we get talent choices now.

    You get to choose what fits your playstyle and people who's playstyle this fits will use it when appropriate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryme View Post
    I can't stop reading it as Lemon Zest and then chuckle to myself about my deadly rogue covering his blades in deadly lemons.
    Would rather chuck lemons at my target than have another bland passive.
    +1 for Lemon zest

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