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    Quote Originally Posted by Fleugen View Post
    They are still Vanilla dungeons, as I already stated in the follow up post. And if you need level 60 ones:
    Yeah.. NO. The only "lore" for all this bosses was a single quest "go kill them". No lore in leading zones whatsoever. You haven't seen them or heard about them when questing.

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    People were happy to do the dungeons over and over again without even getting rewarded valor or justice points for them. It was just considered the fun thing to do at end level when there wasn't a 40-man raid going on. There was not much else to do and it was a good source of gold. I'm not sure what to think about the size of them though, I believe in several occassions they were just too big because most groups would only do the later half of them. What's the point of Blackrock Spire or Blackrock Depths if people only did the Upper partof Spire or the last half of BRD (most often skipping the Emperor part).

    40-man raiding was like ... an extreme exclusive luxury back then. I think the majority of L60s had to try and wait many months before a new raidguild would form on the realm or even have a spot opening for them.

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    You felt epic in a way, just to be running them. It felt like more of an adventure, especially getting into a 40 man raid, it just took up most of the day. Then of course there were the (almost) never ending AVs, but that is another story altogether...

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    Eh, the only dungeons that were any fun were Strath Baron and UBRS.

    Baron for the never god damn dropping mount + wipes that I always pulled with my guild.

    UBRS for the god damn long delayed dropping twin swords...

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    Well I ran many of the Classic dungeons in TBC, which is when I joined. Some of the dungeons really did my head in with the convoluted structure of the place and the twists and turns. Luckily I was alone so I could take my time navigating the damn places. With Maraudon, I spent ages just trying to find the instance portal (same with The Deadmines). It was a bit rewarding finally getting into the Deadmines, as the piratical setting was fun to run around. Same with the other DM-Dire Maul was saved by the interesting ruined High Elven architecture (even if Pusillin was annoying to no end!).
    I think the only dungeons that were some sort of fun to run around despite being a little hard to navigate were Gnomeregan (fun coming back to that place and the outside area pre-Shattering for the event) and BRD.
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    The reason I remember Vanilla dungeons is mainly because of the time I invested in them. To do a dungeon I had to look up what dropped, when I found a dungeon boss that dropped a piece of loot I wanted I had to look for a group, which could take up to an hour. Then run to the dungeon, wait for people to get there and spend another hour or so in the dungeon. Also the dungeons felt new and really hard back then.

    I never joined a group for a random dungeon just for the hell of it, if you went for a dungeon you wanted something from it. Often you had certain bosses you needed, you could get groups for specific bosses, and not complete dungeon runs.

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    Okay well... I can nostalgia with the best of them, been playing since closed beta in early 2004.

    Some of the Classic dungeons were great. Some of them were terrible. But even the terrible ones have been mashed and mangled so much (to make leveling faster) that generally speaking, they no longer resemble what they were in Classic, to varying degrees.

    I was a hunter for a good portion of classic so my job was to "pull" dungeons (pull mobs at range back to the group, let the warrior taunt, feign death). So a lot of my personal nostalgia for Classic Dungeons (and raids, MC was pulled the same way back in the day) is for a role that I really enjoyed playing that was removed from the game long ago.

    As for the dungeon content... Of the "end game" dungeons, the ones I truly loved were Dead side Stratholme, UBRS, and Scholomance (in that order).

    Dead side Strat was my very favorite. It FELT so dungeony, full of darkness and fire and undead. And there was so very much lore behind it, Alliance side, what with us coming fresh into WoW from WC3 and the Lordaeron storyline. With a good tank partner I could chain pull it for an hour of awesome fun.

    Some of the end game dungeons were also scaled for larger groups originally. Back then, you took a 15 man party into UBRS, for example.

    None of the "dungeons" for the last few expansions have felt like true, traditional dungeon crawls. They just feel like a few mini bosses tossed into a few rooms to keep you busy for 15 or 20 minutes.
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    Smaller rooms made you feel larger and more important. Plus it felt more realistic, like you were fighting an enemy that you actually had a believable chance to beat, rather than swatting and something's toes and feeling awesome because numbers told you so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totle View Post
    Smaller rooms made you feel larger and more important. Plus it felt more realistic, like you were fighting an enemy that you actually had a believable chance to beat, rather than swatting and something's toes and feeling awesome because numbers told you so.
    I'm with you on this one, too. I'm not sure when Blizzard decided that every dungeon boss needed to be a minimum of 3x taller than a night elf. The only "huge" bosses in Classic were justifiably so due to their creature type (like the Princess Theradras, or Ghazrooki). Baron Rivendare was normal-sized to players, just as he should have been.

    Even in BC, dungeon bosses only slightly outsized players. In LK they started creeping up in size and have been getting larger/taller ever since, it seems like.

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