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    How would you have done it then? I have seen this said many other times, but people rarely come up with viable alternatives.

    Personal opinion.

    If that is the case, then none of the game can be said to have any replay value. Why would you kill a boss again after the first time? The gear just makes you kill it faster next time, it won't be a new experience.

    Again, personal opinion. If the level boost was easier to get, I'd take it like I've said before. Not because I dislike questing (I actually like it), but because it would get me to the endgame faster which, to be quite honest, is where most of the gameplay is located in the game currently.

    Using the game in an unintended way can usually have some side-effects that are not always readily visible to an outside observer. And for reasons stated above, Blizzard clearly does not like the thought of making anyone able to skip to 90 as they please. But for other reasons they have also explained, they have wanted a catch-up method for a while. And that is why the expansion carries a free boost with it. And as they said just yesterday, people would surely buy more expansions in other to boost more characters. Blizzard likes to simplify things, if you believe what people are saying. Why should this be any different?

    If they were of that mindset, they'd start selling gear. If Joe buys a level boost to 90, Mark is no worse off than he would have been otherwise. Both still have to level 90-100 by themselves. They just arrive at the same destination a bit apart (and Joe has 60 bucks less to spend on RL stuff).

    If however Mark bought the Conquest PvP weapon if that were available to buy for cash, then Joe would be at a rather severe disadvantage in the game. There's a rather large difference between a purely convenience-based advantage, and a player power-based one.
    A long cool down could have limited it or reduce it to 1 per account.

    You would have a hard time getting people to pay money to skip a fun and rewarding part of the game - its a personal opinion but its shared by alot of others. What are Blizzard saying about the quality of the content by allowing people to skip it.

    Better in game experience a personal opinion? - you cant sell a lesser game experience for $60 (Do you think about what your saying before you post?).

    Don't hide behind side effects not readily visible. They don't ban leveling through exploits to protect from bugs they do it to protect the integrity of the game and its leveling process. Something that $60 makes them forget it seems.

    Allowing people to trivialize content is never a good design but if they do it it must be available to all. If that means it will make a mockery of the leveling process how does that justify it being there at all? The attempt to simplify things if anything encourages people to skip it.

    Your logic is twisted by your Blizzard supplied blinkers. You cannot claim that is now a level playing field. Those that can afford will skip content utterly undermining people leveling alts who cant afford it. In other words the wealthy have a better in game experience - In what universe is that a level paying field?

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    Well, I guess we can argue about what your definition of "wealth" is. First off, everyone gets one free boost, so that eliminates that. Secondly, is $60 too much for a game that has a $15 a month charge, a $40-60 price for the expansion that requires broadband internet that runs at least $50 a month? Saying this particular $60 fee is suddenly an advantage is being a bit to cute. I'm not saying $60 is nothing, but the costs to play WoW (PC + Internet + Subscription + Expansion) is much greater than $60. And how come this subject never comes up about server transfers or buying a second account to RAF?

    But ignoring the money, it still doesn't answer the question, if you are a player today and have a 90, where is the advantage that people are getting with "wealth"? WoD is probably four to six months away, there is plenty of time for a current subscriber to get any number of characters to 90 prior to the release of the expansion.

    Personally, I will never pay for a boost, so I get you there. But it really seems like you're taking this to the extreme to try and find problems that don't really exist, or if they do you are greatly magnifying them to make them seem much worse than they really are.
    So by your logic Blizzard are attempting to sell something that gives no advantage for $60. Please tell me how they intend to do this.
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    GTA 5 has not sold so well on PC and the Multi player version (the one that is measured through Xfire) was not that good.
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    There is no way in hell Siege will last more than 6 months. It just isn't possible.
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    Anti-flying: Myriad of educated arguments as to why flying is detrimental to the game as a whole.
    Pro-flying: I like flying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NigelGurney View Post
    Your logic is twisted by your Blizzard supplied blinkers.
    When this appears in an argument, it is over.

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