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    Why on earth did they change BRD: Upper City?

    So I'm trying to run each instance once for questing purposes while I'm questing in normal zones and I got really mad when I queued for BRD: Upper City and got ported beside the Grim Guzzler. Why the fuck would you do that? Can't the average WoW player even stay in the dungeon for 7-8 bosses any more? And let's even say that's the case and dungeons should have max 5 bosses, why didn't you change the god damn quest line so it's not obsolete. Sorry, this pisses me off and for some reason I can't manage to post on the battlenet forums so I hoped someone would at least tell me Blizzard is aware of this and are planning to change it.

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    Its because brd was split into 2 LFD instances. If they start at the entrance, players get confused on the instance they need to do. I've had multiple runs that ended up doing the wrong boss.
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    Yeah, I agree to both. They changed the spawning point because there was no way to know if you got the lower or upper BRD when joining before, and they should have changed the quests, making the quest chain starting from having to kill flamelash independent from the rest.

    And even better they should have implemented a "middle" BRD, so you could also complete the "middle" quest part.

    Nobody is willing to teleport back to the entrance and start doing the quests there, even though I explained it to ten groups and more and every single one of them had the starting quest in the log.

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    Didn't they say there redoing BRD in WoD simaler to how they updated scholo and dm in past expansions and giving it an heroic mode or something like that. If so wont have to put up with it for much longer then.
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    I totally understand your frustration. It is nice to do all of the quests just to do them "authentically" at the right level, but the design of Blackrock Depths just didn't/doesn't work well with today's LFD design. This is the compromise, possibly done by someone who didn't fully understand what they were doing with this change. All of this sucks, but it's almost certainly not getting changed.

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    Yeah I am in the same boat as you.. i really liked BRD as a whole zone.. like gnomer most hate it for some reason. With BoA now it is no longer a 5 hour clear with wipefest in the torch room.

    Just like they did with the Maze that was Sunken Temple, they have gutted and taken out half of this zone. Really a shame. They should have had Lower - Middle - Upper brd .. more than enough bosses for that.

    They could have just put in a helpful NPC that guides you through the zone as they help you "kill" the bosses...

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    Yes it is a mess there. It needed to be broken up further as the current layout means if you get detention block, people only do one boss and skip all the rest.

    Or not break it up at all.

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    Do like I do and don't que for random when you're in that lvl range, que for BRD-lower. If you are tank or healer, you can easily convince your group to continue after you've beaten the required boss.
    If you want to know why they changed it, try to do the instance while pretending you don't know the way (which is often the case since many people doing it are new players), see how fast your groups breaks when they go in circles.

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    They probably changed the start-point for BRD:upper because of the "Queue for random dungeon"-system, imagine Blizz didn't add the upper BRD spawnpoint, you queue for random, spawn at the entrance, so... is it an upper or lower BRD run?

    As for why they split it in two: BRD is just too long for a random group, back in vanilla there was non-stop fighting over which parts to do: "I need jailbreak!", "Vault!", "But i want to make the blackforge key!", "attunement to the core!", "Emperor run", and most of those take you to different corners of the huge instance...

    Don't get me wrong, BrD rocks for exploring and that actual "People could actually live in here"-feel, but for current standards it just doesn't work all that well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClixxHeals View Post
    So I'm trying to run each instance once for questing purposes while I'm questing in normal zones and I got really mad when I queued for BRD: Upper City and got ported beside the Grim Guzzler. Why the fuck would you do that? Can't the average WoW player even stay in the dungeon for 7-8 bosses any more?
    Because I don't like having to do Upper City with a Lv.51 tank, that's why.

    And that only happens because the Lv.54 person in the group thinks it's a good idea to trick everyone into fighting the wrong end boss.

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    The lower BRD is entirely too short, that's the problem. You can literally go into the first room, clear it, clear the cell block, kill the boss in there, and be done with the wing. They should have included the heart of the mountain quests/the arena/big rock dude, fire dude, etc, in the Lower City instance.

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    The same applies to UBRS. If you pick random dungeon you will never get UBRS, which is annoying...
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    weird, i like BRD, and every time i level a toon (albeit its been a while) i always say "hey guys lets get silly and clear this whole damn place". i've always gotten takers. its how i do 45-55 or w/e the level spread for that place is (like i said, been a while).

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    If your group's level is 48-51 = Detention Block, if it's 52+ = Upper City. Good rule of thumb, never fails but doesn't apply anymore.
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