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    This is a secret :o
    Quote Originally Posted by Trollfaced View Post
    Yes you absolutely can.
    Yeah, if you are lucky as hell, maybe. But guess what, 99% of the people playing wow haven't got full 528s in 2-3 weeks from LFR.

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    This probably won't help you because it's a different time and era, but I'l say how I did it.

    Burning Crusade expansion, I finally bought the game after watching my friend play for a while. I joined a casual guild with friends he had made in the game, they were aiming for Karazhan... I didn't even know what raiding or Karazhan was. Leveled up and got attuned and went in for my first raid, it quickly became clear that despite my noobness I was pretty good compared to the others and my dps as a damage dealer was competitive (not the best, but good for my gear).

    So I stayed with them a while we cleared Karazhan, I was made an officer. For reasons unrelated to raiding progress I decided I would move on to a proper raiding guild, I still stayed friends with them.. this was in 2007. I applied to a guild who were just getting into Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep, they had already some success there before I joined and had a reasonable reputation on the server.

    How did I get in? My gear was not great, I was relying on PvP weapons due to my lack of drops in Karazhan and I still had my crafted blue Ragesteel gloves and shoulders... My gear was poor, it was not Tier 5 standard, but it was well thought out and well put together. So applying to the guild I made sure that my application and the way I talked about my approach to raiding and my skills were flattering, and that I didn't come across as an idiot. I got accepted.

    I wasn't competitive initially, I was fairly low on the damage meters and experiencing 25mans and the Tier 5 content for the first time and I even picked up a little reputation for breaking sheep CC with whirlwind, it didn't last long but they never stopped winding me up about it! As I'd expected, just as I'd climbed to the top in my previous guild with a few bits of gear I was topping the meters and doing my job well in the new guild. Killing Vashj with them remains one of my best WoW gaming moments.

    Next up was later on joining a Sunwell guild. I actually got kicked from my previous guild due to competitiveness and/or jealousy regarding the damage meters with an officer who liked being top damage, I think he was young (16-18 at a guess) and I was asked to leave or be kicked due to my disagreements with this person... Only for them to later offer me back into the guild as they had discovered said officer was bullying other members with his power. I declined.

    So back on to the Sunwell guild, In my previous guild we had been raiding Black Temple and Mt Hyjal but we weren't always successful, we had not killed Illidan and Archimonde was a massive struggle, me being kicked brought the opportunity to move onwards and upwards. I applied to the Sunwell guild again undergeared for the content, I had some T6 raid instance parts but I was mostly still a Tier 5 Warrior, I still used the Tier 4 helmet. But I had quality gear for the level with the Blacksmithing chest (better than T5) and the Talon of A'lar (very decent weapon) and overall it was a nicely balanced gearset. Either way I was never going to get into the guild on either my gear or my experience alone, they wanted Black Temple fully geared veterans or even people who had maybe a Sunwell kill or 2. So I again talked about my experiences, why I raided and my approach to it, displayed my expertise on the class and talked of how I felt when I finally beat Vashj.

    They accepted me, I got taken through Black Temple on their farm runs and I quickly geared up, and it quickly became apparent that I was very competitive, occassionally topping the meters in lesser gear, which then led them to take me to their Sunwell raids.

    The point is that you have to do it one step at a time, it's very unlikely for anyone to start at the bottom and then just straight to the top, you need to build experience and you need to build on your skills, evaluate yourself around other and see how you fare and gauge your expectations for a guild on that. But you do need something to show, so that is why you join someone who is progressing on normal mode, you don't just jump into a heroic progression guild... Having a strong application that allows the guild to see that

    1. You're confident (but not overconfident) of your own abilities
    2. That you know what you're doing, you understand your class
    3. That you have in depth knowledge of the fights and various roles that need to be played.
    4. That you're going to get along well with other members, a friendly attitude.

    But either way you do it, one step at a time. Now is the perfect time to join a normal guild, gain your experience and prepare for the expansion to decide how you will move foward.

    Edit : Fucking hell holy wall of text. Too Long Didn't Read : One step at a time!
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    i've played for years, mostly pvp and im a 2500+ rated player but since pvp is shit this expac i decided to start raiding a few weeks into SoO, found a guild that was 4/14h while i was mostly in flex gear, they gave me a shot and they were impressed with me. after i got geared i realized they weren't what i was looking for so i joined a better group, that fell apart after a few weeks but i used the logs to join what was a 13/14h group at the time and im now 14/14h after raiding for only a few months. so in my limited experience if you're good enough you'll get noticed and the road to a good guild isn't too hard.

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    The other post was openraid staff hosted events, here are the next 15 non staff hosted SoO flex events - I'm not filtering any out, except two that had 460 requirement, and a normal Stormrage run that had a 540 requirement.

    "Flex 4 Thursdays" - 530 ilvl
    "#Tendrak's SoO Wing 1 Flexi" - 525 ilvl
    "Gun's Flex 3 and 4 Run" - 540 ilvl
    "#Tendrak's SoO Wing 2 Flexi" - 530 ilvl
    "#Tendrak's SoO Wing 3 Flexi" - 535 ilvl
    "#Tendrak SoO Wing 4 Flexi" - 535 ilvl
    "Flex 1 achievements" - 535 ilvl
    "Flex 2 achievements" - 535 ilvl
    "Flex 4 Paragons Acheivement" - 535 ilvl
    "Lethal Guild Flex 1 & 2" - 510 ilvl
    "SoO--End of W2 then W3" - 500 ilvl
    "Maulson's SoO Week 2 Day 2" (starting on flex 3/4) - 530 ilvl
    "SoO Flex" - 510 ilvl
    "DJ Berly's Flex Party 3-4?" - 540 ilvl
    "SoO Flex Wing 4 " - 540 ilvl
    "weathered Flex SOO" - 520 ilvl

    Please stop stating the majority of SoO groups have absurd requirements like it's a fact. Just need to know where to look.
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    Hi Cle

    As a recruitment officer for my guild who's 13/14H and has stayed in some top 100 ranks in 10-man ,here is the advice Ill give you that I give every player with little to no experience.

    1. You need to figure out what type of raiding environment you want to be in, casual raiding, semi-hardcore or hardcore. Keep in mind the time that you want to put into raiding , if you're ready for the heavy progression or just want to keep IRL in check and just randomly raid from time to time.

    I've given people with practically none to some heroic raiding experience chances, and they have turned out to be gems and are still raiding with me today, some though were very good but got burnt out with the hours involved in the progression pushing. (mind you there are some 2 nights a week heroic raiding guilds)

    2. You need to show how determined you are to get there. If you're not running flexes, you're only doing some LFR, not getting your coins every week or getting stuffed crafted for you, or even trying to get things of BMAH, then reality is you don't want it that bad. I.E : If you need a flex run then go out and make your own group instead of sitting there and waiting for it to be handed to you. Or find a guild that's doing SoO but only the first few bosse's. You want to raid then put yourself out there.

    3. Have some logs ready. Run your own private logs whether its LFR , flex or normal's , show people what you can do and achieve. Gear doesn't make the player , skill does.

    Depending on where you want to go with the raiding you'll have to do a lot of research, show how well you know your class and what makes you an exceptional player. knowledge of your class is one thing, but knowledge about what to do in a sticky situation is another. A good example is paragons aim can be removed by any priest with one of their abilities. Which makes things slightly easier when it comes down to heroic strats. These are small things that will differentiate you from a player and a smart player .

    In my guild I have a hunter that can take on any job you give him and his knowledge on these jobs that can or wont be given to him is known prior to every fights. Being a smart player is what will get you in the raiding environment. Not dying to silly mechanics is a big plus, you can smash buttons and give good numbers but if you die all the time, I'm not bringing you back into the raid. Everything is based on the effort you put into it, any good guild will see it as far as logs, goals and personality. It's all based on you. If you're not putting yourself out there then you wont get anywhere.

    Last but not least, don't raid for loot..If that's the only reason you're trying to get into a raiding environment you need to re-evaluate why you want to raid. I deny any application that mentions the word loot, just not what I'm looking for.

    All this information is based off of 4 years of recruitment in a guilds that's been around since 2008, there's more to it but that's the gist of it all.

    P.S : Teamwork is somewhat important, we're a 10-man and if there is no chemistry between our players , we don't usually tend to keep someone who doesn't fit in our home. It's not the only criteria needed though to down a boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serenia View Post
    So you imply that a new player can get his fresh 90 in 2-3 weeks using means like LFR where the RNG is crazy? Let's see, 2-3 items a week at most = 6-9 items total, they still need 7-10 items, plus a legendary cloak, plus to wait 5-6 weeks more to upgrade all the items so that he can barely scratch the 540 ilvl requirement most groups ask. So you basically tell me that a player must play at least nearly 2.5-3 months to even have like 50% chances to get in a flex enviroment? Which requires like 505 ilvl at most for the first 2 parts? I'm not sure there is any way I will accept that. And yes I like to defend new players :P
    here is a guide for you.

    1. go to timeless isle. Farm it for a day, a lot and get around 496 ilvl.
    2. Buy/get craftet the two SoO equevelent ilvl gear you can. With an added possibility of buying 522 items on the AH aswell, if they are cheap.
    3. Do the whole of lfr. (do celestials + coin)
    4. Now you most likely wont have enough ilvl to do Flex at this point, so go find some pugs for ToT normal, and after that go do ToT lfr if your ilvl still sucks.
    5. Do lfr. ToT Normal (or do some pvp for 522 items) + Celestials + coin
    6: week three. Do Lfr, do celestials + coin.

    You now very likely have enough ilvl to do flex.

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    1. If you are totally new player and just hit 90, congratulations, you are able to be on par with everyone else just in 6 months or so (protip: they have spent 15 months to get where they are at the moment).
    2. Start legendary quest: in 2 months you will get your cloak.
    3. Go to timeless island and farm there like crazy. Install rareannouncer addon, kill ship and shark on cd, kill huolon on cd. Gear+burdens = profit. You will be around 530 item level in a day.
    4. Now you're ready for OO LFR: farm it. Anyway you need only weapons/tier from it, you will get anything else from Timeless Island.
    5. Start your own flex group. You should be the RL since your gear is too low for current gear requirements in pugs.
    There is another option: getting in guild who gears their alts in flex: they will be able to take you with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serenia View Post
    Yeah, if you are lucky as hell, maybe. But guess what, 99% of the people playing wow haven't got full 528s in 2-3 weeks from LFR.
    That is because of one simple reason. They didnt do all they could

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    None of that is learned in LKHC25, people have to learn all that encounter spesific stuff for every raid boss. That was the point.
    General awareness, split-second decision making (for example when to prioritize your own or someone else's survivability over dps), being able to multitask (perform your rotation while executing tricky mechanics), good raiding mentality, desire to improve your character and your playstyle etc, are all traits and skills that carry over from raid to raid and boss to boss. As long as you have these it doesn't matter what bosses are being thrown at you because you can adapt to the new mechanics much easier than someone that lacks the above mentioned.

    You seem to think that you're already a "good enough" player and only teamwork is holding you back at this point. I guarantee that there are a lot of things you can improve on and that you're not even aware of yet. Teamwork is based on the individual effort of each player trying to play their best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    How in 3 hours?
    Try actually reading my post at least

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    Make sure you have your legendary cloak as well! That's sort of a pre-requisite these days.
    If you're reading this signature, I hope you're having a nice day.

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    We pulled 10 guys out of nowhere to start a guild for fun.
    Now, weeks later we're progressing through Normal SoO and farming Flex with 15~ guys.
    just 1 of us had the gear to actually start raiding flex.

    Yeah, it's hard if you want it to fall on your lap.
    No, it's not hard if you make contacts and play social.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serenia View Post
    Yeah, if you are lucky as hell, maybe. But guess what, 99% of the people playing wow haven't got full 528s in 2-3 weeks from LFR.
    Im sure you know everything about 99% of the WoW-playerbase ^_^

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    My suggestion is to apply now to guilds because now is the time that some of the more experienced members in a guild are burning out and playing other games while they wait for WoD so they can come back fresh. Now is the time to prove that you have raiding skills.

    I also suggest that when you look for a guild you should consider it that the guild is applying to you. They have to meet your requirements before you can meet their requirements. They ave to raid on nights that you can make it, they have to be the kind of people you are going to want to hang with. If you are a 30+ adult you are not going to enjoy a guild composed of teenagers or vice versa.

    You can look on guild recruitment pages for your server or you can wait around in stormwind and watch for someone spamming that they need members for their raid guild.

    Another suggestion I have is to go to Aerie Peak and join one of the Convert To Raid guilds there, which is a multi-guild based on the raiding podcast Convert to Raid. They have raiding going on at all times of day and its not hard to get a group to move from a pugging raid group to a more scheduled group.

    There are also a few ‘learn to raid’ guilds out there, of which I know Mike Preach belongs to two of them. They tend to take new raiders into flex to show them the ropes. I don’t know the specifics about how to locate them though.

    That being said there are some things you can do to improve your chances of getting into a raiding guild. Most raiding guilds have days where they will take along a potential recruit to see how they perform so you want to put your best foot forward.
    1. Better yourself and research your class. There are guides here on mmochampion forums and there is noxxic and Icy-veins. You can also look up spec guides on youtube, just avoid the pvp guides. There may be a mechanic you don't know about in your class that you are not pulling off correctly and it could be costing you some performance.
    2. Make sure you are enchanted and reforged properly. This ties into researching your spec and class.
    3. Be a team player. Follow directions. Not every group runs bosses in the same way, some groups find other ways to complete a boss than what guides tell you. My group needed tp pug and we invited a guildies friend and it all worked out fine until we got to Nouroshen and the guy kept snatching orbs out of order thinking he could get in the dps test first but since his dps was the lowest we needed him to go in last. He would go in out of order, and then when we told him to follow instructions he wasted 1 minute not doing as asked and not responding when we asked if he was in. Then I booted him and told his friend to never invite him again. Be a team player and follow instructions if you want to get invited back.
    4. Figure out who you are talking to before you start running your mouth. In new groups I tend to keep quiet until I know what my audience is. You don't want to piss someone off in the new guild. We had a nw guy making fun of asians and didnt know that two of our members were asian, so we were looking for a new new guy the next day.
    5. Research your bosses, don't expect to be carried through a raid because you are too lazy to spend 5 minutes watching a video on youtube. Its all about the mechanics.

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    Well firstly you're not gonna get into any "good" raiding guilds with LFR gear....and LFR shouldn't be your main method of gearing. Obv its a given that you coin Ordos every week and Celestials until you get your 2 set. From there you get 535 timeless gear until your ilvl is high enough to get into flex (520+ for decent groups) and you use flex to gear up, not LFR. LFR is for filling in tier pieces and trinkets mostly. Its possible to get close to 560 ilvl without stepping foot into a normal instance and not that difficult to alt is 557 without doing any normals, obviously legendary cloak is needed tho. At that ilvl you should be able to get into a normal clearing guild without much difficulty and from there you're good to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    There are people who truly master their class but their guild still cant get world firsts, the issue is the teamwork and it is the main bottleneck for majority of players.

    - - - Updated - - -

    That is teamwork and planning how to play together in raid encounter.
    Teamwork is a big factor, but the biggest bottleneck is the weakest member of your team, to coin a phrase, a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

    Individual play is often the most important aspect of high end raiding. Individual play is a part of teamwork, but you can't improve the team without improving the individual first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    It is extremely hard to get in good raiding guild that actually can raid without any experience at all.
    I assume you are referring to progression guilds? Yes. That is to be expected. These guilds are focus on beating the content. Not teaching a new player. They expect their members to hit the ground running.

    Some of these guilds may have alt nights but are rare. If they have time to raid, they will focus on their main progression when ever possible.

    Your other options is to join a guild that is in a much slower progression. There are many that still take new members. Some just concentrate on normal or flex, some do progress through the higher difficulty but just at a slower pace.

    You just need to work your way up the ladder like many do.

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    Dungeons/Scenarios -> HC dungeons/Scenarios/ -> MSV -> HoF -> ToES -> ToT -> SoO

    Like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zabusasan View Post
    That is because of one simple reason. They didnt do all they could
    Completely this. I haven't played in about 7 months now, I could still happily get a toon geared and ready inside 2 weeks. There's ALWAYS a shortcut to about 20/30 ilvl's below current max (in this case, timeless isle farming, when I finished playing it was the buildup to SoO with Zol'Jin as they hadn't yet buffed timeless isle vendor items).

    Craft a couple of pieces, buy a couple from AH (yes, this isn't so easy for a new, new player but do craploads of dailies, make the most of unpriced goods on the AH).

    Spend the needed money to get pretty well gemmed and chanted, if you don't have "the best". Make sure you know why and can defend it without trying to bullshit the dude asking, they'll have heard it before and be pretty cynical anyway.
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    Getting into a Heroic Raiding Guild is all about climbing the ladder.

    Get yourself geared and ready for normal mode content, make sure you know the tactics and complete as much of it as you can. Move on to another guild in the future that completes one or two heroics, then again and again until you find a guild that is suited to your tastes.

    Guilds are not commitments that you have to stand by forever. They're a collective group who understand people are going to come and go.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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