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  • Yes, let us put that "free cash" into faction/race changes.

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  • No, I like what we're getting already.

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    WoD Free Level 90 - What If?

    As we all know, with the release of Warlords of Draenor, every player that purchases the Expansion is going to be given a free character boost to 90. As this would be a very useful thing for many, I myself, having every class at 90, would love a little bit more freedom with this grant.

    It would be awesome if we were given different options to go along with the purchase of the expansion. I don't want another 90 that I will probably never play anyway because I will 100% stick with my main Shaman that I've been playing for years now.

    I call for a compromise in which each player would be able to choose whether they want this free 90, (Priced at $60 on the shop), be allocated into getting TWO faction/race changes.

    With the new models being released, some people may or may not like what their character looks like after they implement them, but still want to see the new character models instead of being forced to go back to the old models due to what their character looks like. (PEOPLE CARE ABOUT THIS STUFF)!

    I for one would love to make my Troll Priest into an Undead Priest. I know, the troll models haven't been released yet, but I never liked the trolls, and was forced into it due to passives/being in a raiding guild.

    So, what do you all think? Should we have a bit more freedom with the free $60 character boost when we purchase the expansion? Thanks!

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    It would be nice if Blizz gave us one free race change/appearance change for each of our characters, since, y'know, they're completely changing the appearance of 10 out of 13 races. But they probably won't, in which case I would be willing to settle for a race change instead of the insta-90. I, too, am staying with my main (shaman) next expansion.
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    Have to agree. What if we dont like the new model? Did you see the Orc running? Disaster. Im happy I dont have an orc.

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    Mm that'd be pretty cool. I'm just going to save mine until next expansion to insta-level whatever new class they bring out (if they bring out a new one) anyway. Already have 2 of each class at 90. Levelling is hard.

    At the end of the day, I doubt they'll do it, since they'll just be losing money from people who were going to buy faction/race changes anyway, and who'd now be able to save their cash.

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    Sure why not. Then again, I woun't use neither the 90 boost nor a race what do I get? Asking for a choice of free server transfer is also not for me. Hmmm - how about to chose from a free 90, a race change, a server transfer, a cosmetic armor set or a passenger mount?

    While I like your suggestion, players have been known if you hand them the little finger to bite off the hand.
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    Yeah it'd be great if instead Blizzard just said "Everyone gets a free $60 credit to use on these different services". I'm guessing the reason they're specifically spotlighting a free 90 with WoD is because with the last 2 expansions they offered brand new players a reason to get the latest expansion in the form of new races that you can immediately start playing even though you've never played WoW before. With WoD there'd be pretty much no reason for a new player to purchase it since there's no new playable race exclusive to WoD, so instead they're giving people who buy WoD a free 90.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aullahh View Post
    Have to agree. What if we dont like the new model? Did you see the Orc running? Disaster. Im happy I dont have an orc.
    glad i am not the only one who saw this. I do not really want all of my orcs (of which there are many) bouncing around like pandas all of a sudden :<

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    Quote Originally Posted by runey View Post
    glad i am not the only one who saw this. I do not really want all of my orcs (of which there are many) bouncing around like pandas all of a sudden :<
    Yeah the male Orc animations are very terrible, which is kinda sad, since the model itself is great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by burk23 View Post
    Yeah the male Orc animations are very terrible, which is kinda sad, since the model itself is great.
    The thing that IMO ruins it is the cape animation. It reminds me of how jiggly pandaren are. Besides that I think the orc animations are fairly OK.

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    You were never "forced to" make a troll priest. You decided to do it 'cause it would increase your output slightly. It was your choice, don't pretend it was not. You could have cleared the content with an undead priest aswell.

    But you can make a lvl 90 undead priest anyway with the free level 90. Since level 90 will be irrelevant in WoD.
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    I'd loooooove to have my Boost90 changed i to 3 free pets..

    Same price, and since I'll NEVER use the boost it will just collect dust...
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    I think the entire reason they are giving you a lvl 90 boost is to get you into Warlords faster... They aren't saying "Here is $60 for pre-ordering Warlords of Draenor"

    I think of it like a coupon you get with a magazine or junk mail.

    "You can get a FREE lvl 90 by pre-ordering! *limited to 1 lvl 90 per pre-order per account - cannot be redeemed for other services - no cash value"

    if you want to use it and have a use for it GREAT - if not ignore it and toss it in the trash.


    edit: I think the poll needs another option

    Yes, let us put that "free cash" into faction/race changes.
    No, I like what we're getting already.
    Indifferent - its like a coupon use it or don't
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    Honestly I'd rather get store credit so I could pick up RoS, really enjoying the new loot system so far (4 legendaries in the past 6 hours while only playing on hard).
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    How about an option to forgo the free 90 (valued at $60) and get the money back as a rebate?

    ........never gonna happen
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    just want to be able to change face for free or a smaller fee. none of the services allows you to do this. i dont want to buy 2 lots of character customization

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keile View Post
    How about an option to forgo the free 90 (valued at $60) and get the money back as a rebate?

    ........never gonna happen

    Yeah Blizz should really pay us to use their expansion.
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    The new models have a toggle in the options so you can use the old ones if you want. FYI.
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    The boost to 90 is included because they want new and returning players use it and catch up to current content so they can play the "real" game instead of it being gated behind 100 levels worth of (mostly) solo content.

    The only reason it's "valued" at $60 beyond that is because they want a price on it restrictive enough to prevent everyone from using it, since that could have an adverse effect on people that want to actually level through old content, while still offering a more sensible alternative to getting extra ones than buying extra copies of the game.

    Even if you don't want a new character to play, take advantage of the profession boost. Give them inscription and herbalism, make a bunch of Darkmoon Cards at the start of the expansion (presuming they do that again), or make a druid with gathering professions and make some gold/supply mats to your main for leveling your professions.

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