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    Ghostcrawler says Riot matches his personal work style more than Blizzard.


    GC keeps bashing blizzard and praising Riot since he left... I think this will encourage more wow developers to quit and move on to LoL instead...GC was not the first already, there were zileas and xelnath who both quit blizzard to work for riot

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    You really don't understand the concept of "bashing." I mean Jesus "Jack Daniels" Christ man, He even said "Both Blizzard and Riot are great places to work. "
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    Yay, as a former WoW player who loves watching stuff get destroyed watching WoW die is a hobby!

    I'm not being all that sarcastic but this does not bode well for Blizzard
    You're a fine example of how gamer communities have become infested with endlessly whining and bitching, arrogant, opinionated, unreasonable, all the way immature, completely delusional, tendentially psychotic, insulting individuals one really doesn't want to be linked with. And playing with you guys is certainly no fun at all. I don't know where this kind of folks spawns from. Must be a nest somewhere ...
    A fine summarization of the community

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    i feel like sammiches match my tastes better.

    im totes hatin on hotdogs bro
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    "Both Blizzard and Riot are great places to work. I think Riot matches my personal work style a bit more." This is the actual quote. Did you really just use this as an example of him bashing blizzard? Are you one of those people who when someone says "I like coke" says "This guy hates pepsi, he just said it was worse than hitler!"?

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    Considering his quote was prefaced as
    Both Blizzard and Riot are great places to work
    I'm going to close this. Trolling is not acceptable here.

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