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    Did they revert the "pvp stats are off the budget" paradigm?

    So I have an low geared alt that I decided to toss a PVP offhand to. Then I noticed something odd.

    If I have Lei Shen's Orb of Command (502) and compare it to Grievous Gladiator's Endgame (522) and calculate the value as if I put a typical red +160 intelligence gem in the socket, those 20 ilvls only give 8 intelligence. Not a typo. "8."

    When Mists came out it was a rather important change that PVP gear was equivilent to PVE gear (in PVE situations) of the same ilvl. Did this get reversed?
    All classes to 100. Check. Currently playing Final Fantasy XIV and hoping it distances itself from WoW as I level.
    My opinions: 5.0 was the golden age of content, the pruning was far too light and HFC is the final raid of WoD.

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    PvP gear is equivalent, you're adding a gem to the 502 item and the PvP piece doesn't have a gem slot.

    Overall PvP gear has quite a few less gem slots than PvE gear, stat wise it's the same, but it has less sockets.

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    Sure, it only gave you 8 more int, but it also gave you 606 more in secondaries. Now that is something.

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