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    Is prot and retri pala boring?


    I heard a lot of time that prot and retri pala is the most boring class of all (like about my frost mage but imo it isnt true ). But I didnt see any arguments which will follow that. I want to be tank in pve and play as retri in pve.

    Thank you for your answers in advance

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    From a tank perspective: If all you are doing is "tanking" the boss then Prot is boring. That said the main draw of a Paladin is the massive amount of utility that you bring to the table. That removes the boring part.

    Level 90 talents can be used to damage targets or heal raid members.
    Emergency Healing can be used on raid members.
    Hand spells can be used creatively for raid, healer or co-tank support.
    Raid wide cool down in Devotion Aura.

    The play style is alot like a being a self-sustaining pillbox on the front line and supporting your group from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raeph View Post
    That said the main draw of a Paladin is the massive amount of utility that you bring to the table. That removes the boring part.
    In general this holds for all paladin specs, while you can just "tank" or "DPS," if you want to take full advantage of a paladin you want to look into all of its group utility.

    While all classes these days have some sort of group buttons they use sometimes, Paladins just have more that they are balanced around using than others, which may only have a few buttons and primarily just think for themselves.

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    I don't think Retribution Paladins are boring, no.

    There is such an immense skill requirement in keeping yourself awake whilst playing Ret, it's hard for even the best of players. Constantly adjusting your posture, continually tabbing out to watch a video and ensuring you always have a fresh energy drink/coffee available are among some of the restless activities a Ret must to do to ensure he always stays awake and auto-attacking the boss so he can top the meters with all his passive attacks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Erzengel View Post
    Who would enjoy a fucking melee train with 100% uptime and "pull him behind the pillar so he los'es his healer lol" being the epitome of skilled play?

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    "Boring" is an entirely subjective term. You'll have to play the specs to really know if you'll enjoy them.


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