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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymitylol View Post
    Same way its rediculous to have to kill Pve bosses for other holiday thongs. It's all a part of the game
    (shudders at the thought of a thong as a piece of gear)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ticj View Post
    I hated it as a player who does both because people would purposely screw you over while you were trying to do that.

    Guess what guys? If you don't like PvE players being there, then if you let them finish it, they won't have to go there the next BG!
    yeah this would be they I would think if I was a pvper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Telwar View Post
    (shudders at the thought of a thong as a piece of gear)

    ...wait what?

    Anyway... I don't really hate PvEers in PvP during children's week... because that means they're also on the enemy team... Ripe for the slaughter!

    Oh, also, horde have to come out of hiding and actually do AV. Makes that more fun for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    People who DON'T PvP but want the achievement hate it even more.

    Joining a BG with an orphan during Children's Week is joining a BG with a huge target painted on your ass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SourceOfInfection View Post
    Sometimes you gotta stop sniffing used schoolgirl panties and start being a fucking samurai.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tradewind View Post
    "there are people with dildo's older than you, your opinions do not matter."

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    free kills.

    easy honor.
    i love it.

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    I like to think that we're making a lot of future Batmans.

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    When I did my Children's Week achievements, I was lucky enough to come across friendly helpful players, who let me do my achievements without killing me. It actually restored my faith in the community to being cheered and waved at by the Horde when I accomplished them. Just goes to show not everybody ganks and abuses you in BGS. So thanks to everyone who makes an effort to be helpful and accommodate those of us who PVE, to make a pain in the butt event a pleasure to partipate in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elian View Post
    When PVErs do PVP their heads start to hurt because they are used to those scripted mechanics from raids.
    Not all of that live on PVE realms and are raiders are idiots when it comes to PVP.....personally I find it quite funny when I can step into a bg and fully own most pvp'ers over and over.

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