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    How to spend valor points?

    Is there any good way to spend valor points?
    Since my gear can not be upgraded or is already upgraded I don't know what I can do with these points.
    Can it be somehow converted to gold or something usefull?
    Timeless coins aren't interesting. And this low level gear also isn't.

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    Use them for item upgrades. Not much else to it.

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    Yea, pretty much nothing. The ONLY thing that Valor Points can be used on are A) 522 pieces from Thunder Isle, B) Upgrades, C) Timeless coins, and D) Blood Spirits.

    If you want gold, you'll pretty much have to get Timeless Coins, then get the Porcupines, and attempt to sell those. Although, an enchanter CAN d/e the 522 stuff.
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    I have the same problem with my priest. Every item is 2/2 and I'm permanently valor capped...and since I won't suddenly start heroic raiding, this probably won't change.
    Started to spend them on ToT Valor Transmog gear.

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    I miss cata at times like this, buying BoE raid gearand crafting mats
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    Valor is kind of pointless now outside of item upgrades. Its going away in Wod, bonus roll tokens taking its place.
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