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    Nope, objectives and rewards only, then go towards where the map points me. The whole leveling is so boring, I just wanna rush thrugh it as fast as possible really.

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    I have to admit I don't on my main character, I'm usually in too much of a rush to level up but I do on alt's. I read nearly everything when I did Loremaster, it took forever lol

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    Only the first time. After that, I turn autoturnin back on for speedy accepting and completing.

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    I'll read the first like 10-15 of a zone, if it isn't interesting then I stop.

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    Only if I need some bit of info on how to finish the quest.

    Otherwise I just have jamba autoaccept and auto turn quests in. If the people writing them were that good at storytelling, they wouldn't be writing quest text in a video game.

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    Depends on the context. If Grand Magister Rommath is telling me about Dalaran being purged and the city becoming a war zone, I'll pay close attention. If Roktar McLogar the farmer is telling me about why I need to find him some boar snouts, yeah, maybe I'll skim it see myself out.

    Depends on how I'm leveling too. Zerging through zones with an RaF partner doesn't leave much time for immersion.
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    Only If it's some kind of epic quest chain or if it's about the main characters. If they are just random "kill 15 of that, collect 3 of this" type quests which you get in every village/city, I don't bother.

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    Most of the time yes. I read all the text in WotLK because the lore and setting was exciting for me and after that I did the same for the quests I did in Cata and MoP (can't remember if I did it during Vanilla and TBC though)
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    I read all the quests, books, etc the first time. I was pretty annoyed when they removed all of the speech from the vendors, etc rather than just doing the sensible thing of letting players who don't like reading have an option to toggle it off
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    Yes, I do, always have and always will (I admit, when I'm on my 3rd alt or so, from then on I usually skip the reading since I already know, but I read all quests at least once).

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    I always do - the first time anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamon12 View Post
    taishar 68:

    They are written in a very repetitive way: for me there is rarely a distinction between npcs, apart from the "really important ones" (Thrall etc.) The characters are not believable enough for me. Most of the times it's just another guy/lady telling you to gather some apples, kill some guys. Not like they really care about it anyway. By poorly written I rather meant content, not the language itself (which is pretty ok for a fantasy game, as you said).

    Simply the characters and what they have to say discourages me from reading quests text.
    It is probably due to the fact that what I do has virtually no effect on anything and it spoils the immersion. ( the npcs usually don't give a nickle about what you've done)

    The only kind of quests I really like do read and do are the chain quests. Yup, then I'm really interested and I feel like I'm a part of something.
    The more chain and immersive quests the better. Going in that direction, the game can feel more believable. For example I love the lore and quests of Baldur's Gate (all parts) and The Witcher series. I know that it is a different thing as they are story-driven single player RPGS and there is no way that quests in an MMORPG can be just as good and interesting (the sheer size of an MMO like WoW!) but that'd be a good direction for me.

    EDIT: And of course it's just a subjective opinion. When it comes to books/texts people have very different tastes
    In that context, I agree with you; many of the "kill this, find that" quests are meaningless and repetitive, and I think the first few quests in the Valley epitomize that for MoP.

    Also, with the advent of some of the QoL features, like quest tracking and map pinging, there is less of an emphasis on reading quest text for info on where to go, dropping the immersion that much more.
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    I did in vanilla, tbc and wotl, couldt care for cata and MoP, will do it again in WoD, wish they would read it outloud in-game when ur "reading" it before accepting
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    I used to read quest text because you needed to in order to find out what you were questing for (before the map quest icons). This last expansion, though, I didn't read a single line of quest dialogue and reached max level because idgaf about Mists lore (it was chiefly unrelated to anything prior). The weirdest thing about it, is that one habit bled into every mmo I've been trying. Everyone and their grandmother has quest icons in mmo's which quest text isn't really needed to play the game. However, I firmly believe that adding those icons greatly ruins the immersion and exploration aspect of the game. I would get so lost in RPGs like Final Fantasy and would be enticed to explore in Skyrim (which had icons), but WoW overdid it.
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