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    Is WOD Music the best thus far?

    I got to admit, I have my nostalgia moments with TBC and Wrath music and especially when its played as I quest during WoD content, but then you hear songs like this...

    And then you wonder if your nostalgia memories are slowly dying .
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    I greatly appreciated the music of Mists but as far as production quality goes Warlords is a level above the previous expansions.
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    Only music I remember from WoD so far that I love honestly. Then again, all I remember from MoP is The Way of the Monk.
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    The momment I heard back in Beta, I knew it would become one my favorite soundtracks. They used a fucking electric guitar for this one, those riffs, that choir, I came. /lisen on repeat again

    Also they seriously need to use this more

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    Personally I think it is the best music yet. Warcraft has a lot of good music though, was always a fan of westfall and howling fjord.

    I like how music in wod changes within the zone depending on where you are, good example is the podling area in SMV where the music just becomes very eerie as you are surrounded by the never-before-seen podlings as one "helps" you find your missing caravan. Only to learn that they are trying to trap and eat you later. It's also different during hte defense of karabor and has a really epic feel to it.

    My favorite track though is "Stormlords on the March" which is an alliance garrison song.

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    WoD certainly have good ones, but I see more problem with it.

    Every single piece is grand, orchestral to the point that it is EVERYWHERE, making it really sick fast. They really need more ambient musics.

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