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    Yes because Video Game companies, politicians lawyers, etc etc are all honest, and you obviously believe all the BS they spew.

    1. Does removing flight provide a better game? (well according to most polls WoD is shaping up to be the worst expac to date)
    2. Does removing flight allow them to develop more innovative, dynamic engaging content? The answer should be yes, however WoD and 6.1 state otherwise.
    3. Does it allow them to release content at a faster pace? Sure doesn't look that way.
    1. If the success from a developer point of view, is to keep people on the ground, setting the pace for all players in the great outdoors, letting them experiencing terrain they've spent countless man-hours creating, they've been quite successful. Unlike any other expansion, there has not been as detailed and layered game-continent as Draenor. This is highly overlooked.

    2. What on earth is innovative, dynamic content? You're imagining compromises you want because of lack of flying. There's a very clear red line between developer intentions and execution. The game core mechanic has been the same for 8 years. Combat. Removing flying put people back where they belong. On the ground. Again, their arguments enforce this. You might not agree, because of imaginative scenarios where ground mounts and flying mounts skip the same things. Fallacious thinking.

    3. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. I have no problems waiting, because I'm actually enjoying the game.

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    Ok so that makes it pretty clear that it isn't benefiting the player w/the exception of those that have dreams of WPVP and even there it hasn't delivered.
    Makes nothing clear actually. The variables in the questions is set by you, so it makes it easier for you to see it "clear", but I think there's more to it than the 3 points you brought up.
    Does flying provide a better game? No, it doesn't. It provides a faster paced game. A pace that makes it impossible to create anything remotely steadfast in terms of content approach.

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    Or I guess you could be that special snowflake that finds riding around on your ground mount dealing w/WoWs Horrible collision mechanics, terrain inconsistency, or trash (leveling) mobs so tightly packed that you either have to take a 5 minute detour to avoid them, or take 5 minutes to kill them although they offer no challenge threat or reward to be fun or compelling game play. If you are I promise you are the minority.
    That's calling it playing the game. You're advocating better rewards, better collision mechanics. Other than the usual hyperboles you're not really advocating flight.

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    So who benefits from removing flight?

    Lets look at few things shall we.
    - Silvermoon and Exodar have never been enabled for flight cause per the Devs (who you treat there words as the one truth) it would be to costly, and labor intensive
    - Everyone has fallen through the world during a dungeon or raid at some point, at that point if you look around it is all rendered in 2d. Why do you think that is?
    Must be funny to have this BS-meter that knows when Blizzard states the truth, and when they don't. Other than that, I'm not a game designer, I have no clue what happens when you "fall" through the game world. And I've had that happen one time, behind the old loophole in karazhan.

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    From this we can determine that if they are able to render a world w/out flight they will. Why cause it is more costly and labor intensive.

    The simple truth is this is all a experiment to see if removing flight would cost them more revenue (subs, mount sales) then the savings they would gain from being able to develop all FUTURE content w/out flight. They can't say that however cause it would be a PR nightmare.
    Speculative BS. Unless you have some specific numbers, you're just being oblivious.

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    So they pour the kool aide and you drink deeply, and repeat at tedium how flight interferes w/there vision (nevermind they have produced content for 8 years w/flight).
    Having flight for 8 years doesn't mean anything. Game is evolving, might be for the better, might be for the worst. In the end, if I don't enjoy the game, I'll simply stop playing. Now that's simple.

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    My only question to you is: Why do you care what the Devs want so much?
    Because game-design is not a democratic process. Only top-end players in raids and PvP give Blizzard the constructive feedback they need at a game-balancing point of view. Other than that you've hoards of delusional whiners on the public forums, screaming; "NERF", "EFF YOU", "EFF THAT".

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    Seriously some of you anti flight people are like trying to converse w/religious zealots and the devs are the one true God. It is that very reason until you say something of consequence and stop giving the devs a virtual hand job I am going to disregard your comments.
    Funny you mention religious zealots. You've spent your time fighting a battle vs science using stupid analogies, hyperbole's and fallacies. You've nothing of presence in the air for you.

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    In closing again I will say: I am not pro flight, I am pro a more engaging, dynamic, fun game. I just knew that Blizzard wouldn't deliver, so I took a pro flight stance.
    We want the same thing. However, flying and content are two separate issues in terms of intentions and subjectivity.

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    And all you utter is ad hominems
    The irony.
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    Playing EverQuest II, I was flying over small location (with hostile village), where I got dismounted with debuff, which reads:

    It made me remember situation in WoW oh so much :)

    There is no flying, because Blizzard basically said...
    "Get Out Of Our Skies!"

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    I've read your post, but since you claimed to on a consistant basis get up to three and if a bit lucky three one can almost instantly dismiss it in it's entirety. Getting even two is very rare and needs quite a bit of luck with the extra items to finish up projects faster. Getting three should be a once in a blue moon event. Yet you bring it up, because as usual you just can't be honest.
    I said I can typically get 1.5 to 2, as the average is 7 fragments and average about 1 ghost per dig site plus a keystone, so that's 90 on average. I said it can sometimes reach 2.5 or 3 if I get lucky with keystones. Yes, my original post said that. If you disagree, go back and read it.

    I can only assume you did archaeology for an hour then quit because you couldn't stand it without flight. I'm 4 pristine artifacts away from a completed museum and this archaeology is far more satisfying, as sometimes I wouldn't even complete a whole artifact in pandaland after one dig. That's uber unsatisfying to do a whole dig, go into your journal and not have anything to make (and don't get me started on cata archaeology with dig sites often 5-10 minutes apart with flight, and ~12 fragments per dig site *Shudder*). Going in and solving 1 or 2, SOMETIMES even 3 is awesome. A few days ago I got 6 keystones from a single dig and managed to finish 4 artifacts from that 1 dig.

    Flight would make it even faster than it already is, but as it is, it's ridiculously fast compared to before. Boredom and frustration from lack of flight might stretch out perception of time though.
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    Storing crap in a hole is pretty easy and efficient.
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    I just spent 15 minutes looking at images of bacon tattoos. :P I think that's enough internet for tonight.

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