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    [Shadow] What's your favorite opener?

    Hey guys!

    I'd like to hear how you guys like to Start an encounter.

    i personally like to Start with 2 orbs.

    I Start of with fade+prepot > MB+Fiend > VT+SW:P > DP+MF:I.
    Note: i Do this only with 2 orbs before the encounter Starts.
    After that, i switch to the regular rotation/priority list.

    how's it with you guys?

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    It really varies with orbs :P
    For 2 orbs i'd go Prepot >precast Halo(if you know the boss wont move) > MB > 1 MF if I don't have all my proccs .. let it tick 2 or 3 times depending on when you get the proccs > dot up > DP MFI

    Also on fights I use ToF i have a macro to take off enough gear to get <35% ( I keep trinkets weapon and head on , so I can get the early proccs) and then renew and put it all back on for the extra 15% on the opener... I do that like 3secs on the pull timer to make sure nobody ninja pulls and i'm naked in the fight, then I prepot and proceed as above.
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    Halo on 2 > Prepot/engineering gloves > MB at one > VP at 0 into SW:P > Fiend > mind flay until a couple of seconds before second MB > reapply dots with all my procs then go into normal rotation really.

    obviously changes based on DI procs/orb situation but i'm pretty happy with my opener now, best thing about the opener is when you get that great rng and you get a second DP as ur first ones ending, getting pretty decent procs on stuff like iron juggs to do 1.2/1.3mil burst, gief HC kadris please
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    Halo ~ Potion + MB ~ SW:P ~ VT ~ Shadowfiend / Mindbender

    Halo gets used at optimal distance to the Boss when the countdown is at 2 seconds. Then you should pop your potion and cast a MB at 1 second left on the countdown. Everything should hit right as the Boss becomes active.

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    Prepot+ halo at 2.5 sec, precast Vt+Pain to hit on pull , 3 ORB dp , Mindblast with 4set (all proccs active mostly, insanity till perfect buff threshold for fiend and redot with the last seconds of buffs running.

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    Btw on this topic... When you guys start with 0 orbs with hero on pull, do you opt for a 2orb DP to actually get all the proccs on DP and insanity or just wait for 3 orbs as usual? (when using ToF not DI)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoulis View Post
    Btw on this topic... When you guys start with 0 orbs with hero on pull, do you opt for a 2orb DP to actually get all the proccs on DP and insanity or just wait for 3 orbs as usual? (when using ToF not DI)
    Especcially if there is no movement, and of course only if I'm running Insanity - I will 2-orb during that iniital proc peak just to get some use out of it. The only 'lost' DPS between 2-orbing and 3-orbing is difference in the DPET - that one GCD where you cast DP is slightly lower than it would have been, but no orbs or damage are lost. DP scales 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 for each of the three orbs - it's not a multiplicative growth per orb (if that makes sense).

    So, 2-orb DPs are fine if they are the last GCD you are doing while moving, and won't have to move for 6-8 seconds - or if you are just going to be standing around anyways Patchwerking during a proc peak (like the one at the start of a fight). In theory, the same argument holds for 1-orb DPs, but those just feel dirty (and I don't recommend them).

    Hope that helps!
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    Yep it helps in verifying that what I've been doing is correct/viable thanks

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    put /cast wand! in a macro and click it once when the fight begins.
    alt-tab to youtube until someone in skype tells you fight is over.

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