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    What about Unholy?

    When I played in WoTLK, Unholy was stronger than Frost.. At least from my experience.. How is Unholy in MoP? With the free 90 boost, I decided to make a return and haven't decided if I want to play Unholy or Frost. Or are they so close it doesn't matter?

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    When it comes down to it unless you are guna gear and then do end tier heroics, just play whatever you enjoy. Even then, they are close enough as to it doesn't matter anymore.

    This is in before anyone comes in and says "Frost is better" or "Unholy is better". It's close enough as to it doesn't matter, (although realistically Unholy pulls ahead for those who are guna argue).

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    As Maxweii said, they are close enough that just play what you enjoy, you can get to 14/14 heroic as either spec without harming your raid.
    (beyond being a melee or a dk in general :P)

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    Unholy is better. They're close enough performancewise, but UH is just plain more fun than Frosts' mind-numbing FS/HB spam (Or OB/FS spam for 2H).

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    Yeah mind numbering ss/fs/dc spam is so much more interactive.

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    I think all specs are prtty equal atm.. I see 2H frost brilliant in some Single-Target fights, Dualwield(Masterfrost) frost is brilliant at some fights with a lot of adds and burst AoE, Unholy seems best for fights with a lot of movement because of the big dots... Think we're so lucky we can pick what we enjoy the most at the moment.

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    Equal mediocrity isn't something to get excited about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skarssen View Post
    Equal mediocrity isn't something to get excited about.
    Well atleast you're not forced to play something you hate playing.

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